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Voici les liens aux photos prises au cours de l'année 2013. Toutes les photos sont regrouppées par catégorie.

Veuillez noter, SVP, que les photos prises au cours des parties sont présent
ées en ordre sequentielle alors, si on les régarde dès le debut jusqu'à la fin on peut, en effet, re-voir la partie entière.
Here are links to photos taken during the 2013 calendar year. They are grouped by category.

Please note that the photos taken during games are presented in chronological order so by viewing them from start to finish one can effectively see a re-play of the game.

Catégorie / Category Lien / Link

Football semi pro

Semi pro football

- Jun. 29: Montreal Transit vs Ottawa Invaders
- May 25: Montreal Transit vs Durham Hawkeyes

Football universitaire

University football

Football collégiale

CEGEP football

- Nov. 9: Valleyfield Noir et Or vs Thetford Filons
- Oct. 19: John Abbott Islanders vs Sherbrooke Volontaires
- May 19: John Abbott Islanders Blue vs White spring camp scrimmage

Football scolaire

High school football


Football junior

Junior football

- Nov. 16: 2013 season QJFL banquet
- Oct. 12 St-Lazare Stallions at Chateauguay Jr. Raiders
- Oct. 6: St-Lazare Stallions vs Ottawa Jr. Riders
- Aug. 17: St-Lazare Stallions vs Rive-Nord Sabercats

Football midget

Midget football

- Nov. 2: St-Lazare Stallions at Richelieu Pirates
- Oct. 20: St-Lazare Stallions vs Beauce Dragons
- Oct. 13: St-Lazare Stallions vs Joliette Pirates
- Sep. 15: St-Lazare Stallions vs Sherbrooke Bulldogs
- Sep. 7: St-Lazare Stallions @ Victoriaville Vicas
- Sep. 1: St-Lazare Stallions vs L-L Bobcats
- Aug. 25: St-Lazare Stallions vs Laval-Nord Scorpions
- Aug. 10: St-Lazare Stallions @ Richelieu Pirates
- May 11: QMFL All-Stars vs Eastern Ontario All-Stars
- May 5: QMFL All-Stars @ Ontario Select Stars
- Feb. 2: 2012 season banquet / Gala de la saison 2012

Football bantam

Bantam football

- Nov. 2: St-Lazare Stallions at St-Bruno Barons
- Oct. 27: St-Lazare Stallions at Chateauguay Raiders
- Oct. 12: St-Lazare Stallions vs Chateauguay Raiders
- Oct. 5: St-Lazare Stallions vs L-L Bobcats
- Sep. 28: St-Lazare Stallions vs Richelieu Pirates
- Sep. 14: St-Lazare Stallions vs St-Leonard Cougars
- Sep. 8: St-Lazare Stallions @ St-Hubert Rebelles
- Aug. 31: St-Lazare vs Greenfield Park Packers
- Aug. 18: St-Lazare Stallions @ L-L Bobcats

Football pee-wee

Pee-wee football

- Aug. 17: St-Lazare Stallions AA vs Lakeshore Panthers
- Aug. 17: St-Lazare Stallions AAA vs ÃŽle-Perrot Western Patriotes

Football moustique

Mosquito football

- Oct. 27: St-Lazare Stallions AAA vs Lakeshore Cougars
- Sep. 14: St-Lazare Stallions AA vs Boucherville Grizzlis Argent
- Aug. 17: St-Lazare Stallions AA vs Lakeshore Panthers
- Aug. 17: St-Lazare Stallions AAA vs ÃŽle-Perrot Western Patriotes

Football atôme

Atom football

- Nov. 3: St-Lazare Stallions Burgundy vs St-Laurent Spartans
- Aug. 10: St-Lazare Stallions Burgundy @ Lakeshore Panthers

Football OVFL

OVFL football

- Aug. 3: Cornwall Wildcats @ Ottawa Myers Riders
- Jul. 27: Cornwall Wildcats vs Metro Toronto Wildcats
- Jul. 20: Cornwall Wildcats @ Kingston Grenadiers
- Jun. 15: Cornwall Wildcats vs Etobicoke Eagles
- Jun. 1: Cornwall Wildcats vs Cumberland Panthers

Challenge Wilson

Wilson Challenge

- Jul. 13: MU15 WMFL Elites vs Rive Sud de Quebec
- Jul. 10: MU15 WMFL Elites vs Montreal Metro
- Jul. 7: MU17 QBFL Elites vs Outaouais
- Jul. 6: MU15 WMFL Elites vs Elites Metro Scolaire

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