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samedi/Saturday 19 septembre, 2020

(9 h 30) St-Hubert 6 vs Stallions pee-wee 40
(terrain/field: Westwood jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

(11 h 30) St-Hubert 6 vs Stallions moustique 71
(terrain/field: Westwood jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

(13 h 30) Lakeshore 34 vs Stallions atome 6
(terrain/field: Westwood jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

dimanche/Sunday 20 septembre, 2020

(15 h) Stallions bantam 6 @ St-Laurent 33
(terrain/field: Parc Poirier, St-Laurent, QC)

vendredi/Friday 11 septembre, 2020

(20 h) Stallions midget 0 @ Chateauguay 48
(terrain/field: Parc Joseph-Laberge, Chateauguay, QC)

Un bref reportage suivra.

A succinct game report to follow.

Parc Joseph-Laberge, Chateauguay, QC
QMFL, Bruno Heppell div., 11 Sep., 2020 8:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#93 14-yd catch (R#89 convert kick) 7:47
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#19 1-yd run (convert kick failed) 11:48
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#7 6-yd run (R#89 convert kick) 2:51
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#94 49-yd catch (R#89 convert kick) 12:00
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#18 6-yd run (R#89 convert kick) 9:28
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#7 10-yd run (R#89 convert kick) 12:00
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#31 53-yd catch (R#89 convert kick) 8:30

St-Lazare Stallions

Chateauguay Raiders


Attendance – approximately 160-200

samedi/Saturday 12 septembre, 2020

(9 h) Stallions atôme 0 @ Greenfield Park 32
(terrain/field: Parc Pierre-Laporte, Greenfield Park, QC)

(11 h 30) Alexander Park 8 vs Stallions moustique 16
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

(12 h 30) Stallions bantam 36 @ Sun Youth 8
(terrain/field: Parc Jeanne-Mance, Montreal, QC)

(19 h 30) Richelieu 15 vs Western Patriotes midget 20
(terrain/field: École séc. Chêne-Bleu, Ile-Perrot, QC)

La traduction est en ciours. Désolé.

In another installment of the "how the other half of the football world lives" this reporter went to Ile-Perrot to see the game between the Western Patriotes midget team and the visiting Richelieu Pirates against whom the Stallions used to play when the Pirates were still in the QMFL.

Both teams had a respectable number of players on their rosters - Richelieu with more than 30 players and the Western Patriotes with more than 40. The game got off to a quick start with the Western Patriotes getting the ball first and scoring a TD on the 2nd play of the game with a 67-yd catch-and-run play by WP#1 (WP#14 convert kick) to give the home team an early 7-0 lead. However, the visitors responded right away with a scoring drive of their own, converting on three successive 3rd down situations and finishing with a 36-yd TD catch by R#6 (R#46 convert kick).

Both teams then traded punts but it looked like the Pirates were going to score next when they got a first down at the Western Patriotes 13-yd line when they recovered a fumble on punt return. However, they squandered the opportunity when they quickly turned the ball over on a fumble that was recovered by WP#32 just eight yards from the end zone.

After another exchange of punts, the home team increased their lead to 14-7 when WP#6 made an 18-yd catch in the end zone midway through the second quarter (WP#14 convert kick). The Pirates got two of those points back near the end of the first half when the Western Patriotes gave up a safety after a high snap sailed over their punter's head who had to run into the end zone to retrieve the ball and was tackled there. This made the score 14-9 at the half time break.

In the second half, the Western Patriotes carried most of the play but their efforts ended up being largely negated by major penalties and the score remained 14-9 until the beginning of the 4th quarter when it was the Pirates who were assessed a major penalty that helped the home team in their scoring drive that finished with a 31-yd catch by WP#4 in the end zone to increase the lead to 20-9 (2-pt convert attempt failed).

Once again, however, the Pirates responded with a scoring drive of their own, which was kept alive by an unnecessary roughness penalty called against the Western Patriotes, one that nullified an interception, and which finished with a 20-yd catch by R#6 to make the score 20-15 (convert kick sailed wide right).

The Pirates got the ball one last time with 2:45 left to play but they were forced to punt and the Western Patriotes were then able to run out the clock to secure their second with of the season.

École séc. Chêne-Bleu, Ile-Perrot, QC
Ligue Montreal Metro, midget div., 12 Sep., 2020 7:30 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Ile-Perrot Western Patriotes - TD, WP#1 67-yd catch (WP#14 convert kick) 1:12
Richelieu Pirates - TD, R#6 36-yd catch (R#46 convert kick) 5:29
Deuxiéme Quart / Second Quarter
Ile-Perrot Western Patriotes - TD, WP#6 18-yd catch (WP#14 convert kick) 5:19
Richelieu Pirates - Safety, WP#23 tackled in the end zone 11:27
Troisiéme Quart / Third Quarter
no scoring / pas de pointage
Quatriéme Quart / Fourth Quarter
Ile-Perrot Western Patriotes - TD, WP#4 31-yd catch (2-pt convert pass failed) 2:09
Richelieu Pirates - TD, R#6 20-yd catch (convert kick failed) 7:04

Richelieu Pirates

Ile-Perrot Western Patriotes


Attendance - approximately 120-140

samedi/Saturday 5 septembre, 2020

(9 h 30) Stallions atome 26 @ Chateauguay 18
(terrain/field: Parc Joseph-Laberge, Chateauguay, QC)

(13 h) Stallions moustique 8 @ Greenfield Park 44
(terrain/field: Parc Pierre-Laporte, Greenfield Park, QC)

(15 h) Stallions pee-wee 0 @ Greenfield Park 30
(terrain/field: Parc Pierre-Laporte, Greenfield Park, QC)

(16 h) Greenfield Park 6 vs Stallions bantam 31
(terrain/field: Westwood jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

(19 h) Gatineau 46 vs Stallions midget 0
(terrain/field: Westwood jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

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