2019 nov. 15-16: résultats des parties / game results

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vendredi/Friday 15 novembre, 2019

(19 h)  Cégep Édouard-Montpetit 28 vs John Abbott College Islanders 42
(championnat Bol d'Or div. 2 / division 2 Gold Cup)
(terrain/field: Cégep de Thetford, Thetford Mines, QC)

Les Islanders gagnent!
Les Islanders gagnent!
Les Islanders gagnent!

Pour la 1re fois depuis 2002 les Islanders du Collège John Abbott ont remporté le championnat du Bol d'Or. Ils avaient adopté une stratégie parfaite pour les conditions au terrain du jeu et les capabilités défensives de leurs adversaires.

Malheuresement, je n'ai pas pu prendre de photos pendant le match parce que j'étrait trop chargé pour manipuler l'appareil photo. Désolé.

Les stats du match sont disponibles ci-dessous. La traduction du reportage est en cours. Désolé.
Abbott wins!
Abbott wins!
Abbott wins!

For the first time since 2002 the John Abbott College Islanders are Bol d'Or champions again. They had the perfect game plan for the field conditions and their opponents defensive capabilities.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take any photos during the game as I was too busy keeping track of the plays to operate the camera. Sorry.

It took four hours for the fan bus to make its way from the John Abbott College campus to the game field in Thetford, mostly due to the orange cone induced gawdawful traffic between the island of Montreal and the South Shore, but upon arrival at the site of the championship game it was clear that it was well worth the trip. Not only are the actual sport facilities at the Cégep de Thetford great for spectators and players but the organizers had also set up a fan zone outside the stadium with a stage, several fire pits as well as booths offering food and refreshments. It was only too bad that the weather conditions discouraged most people from being able to fully enjoy it.

The playing field itself was also well prepared, with all the lines and hash marks clearly visible and only a thin layer of snow covering other areas. Unlike the debacle that was the Bol d’Or game last year at the Claude-Robillard Centre, the Thetford site had tractors, snow blowers and a small army of people with shovels to clear the snow off the field.

The only thing that remains to be improved is the handling of tickets purchased on-line. The expectation is that having the ability to purchase a ticket on-line ahead of the game would make it easier for fans to enter the stadium but in fact the reality is quite the contrary. People who choose to buy their tickets at the site simply pay for them at the ticket booth, get their wrist band and they go in. Those, however, who made the mistake of doing it on-line have to line up inside a small tent and wait for the single person who is there to serve them to find their name on a printed list before they can get their wrist band. There is no shortage of staff inside the tent but they’re all standing around and not helping out because, apparently, their exclusive role is to serve some mythical VIPs who are nowhere in sight. This is something that the RSEQ definitely needs to improve on. Please excuse the rant but if nothing is said then nothing will be done.

Luckily, the actual game made it easy to forget about these little frustrations, other than the quality of the refereeing, which is noted at the end of this report. The Islanders got the ball first and they started their first offensive drive from their own 28-yd line after a 27-yd kickoff return by Elijah Williams. Sticking mostly to running plays because of the advantage that a ball carrier in full flight had over the defenders due to the slippery field conditions, with a sprinkling of passes here and there, they moved 82 yards in nine plays, finishing with a 1-yd TD run by Williams to take the early 7-0 lead (Troy Lendvay convert kick).

On the ensuing Lynx possession, the Édouard-Montpetit team appeared to emulate the John Abbott strategy of relying on the running game and they had good success with it, gaining 35 yards on seven running plays and a first down at their own 51-yd line. However, after that they changed tack and started to throw short passes in the flat. The Abbot defense was ready, however, and the Lynx were forced to punt from the center of the field. Unfortunately for them, the snap on the punt attempt sailed over the kicker’s head and by the time he was able to recover the ball at the 32-yd line the Islanders’ Maxime Lipari-Couture was on him to make the tackle to force a turnover on downs.

The Islanders offense then went on the field and on their first play Matthieu Boudreau threw a TD pass to Jacob Mattie to double their lead to 14-0 (Lendvay convert kick). The Lynx, however, responded on their next drive, using a balanced mix of runs and passes to move 76 yards in 10 plays, finishing with a 16-yd TD catch by Hugo Lacroix to make the score 14-7 (Samuel Pineault convert kick). Each team then went on offense three more times before the half time break but while the Islanders were able to score on every possession, the Lynx were only able to do it once and that made the score 35-14 for the Islanders.

It was a completely different ball game at the start of the second half. The Lynx were the first to go on offense and using the Abbott strategy of relying on the running game, they used five runs and only two passes to move 85 yards, finishing with a 1-yd TD run by their QB Tristan Rinaldis to narrow the gap to 35-21 (Pineault convert kick).  But then, unlike in the first half when the Islanders needed just one play to score a TD, this time they were only able to run one play before they turned the ball over to their opponents on a fumble that was recovered by Charles-David Dubois at the John Abbott 50-yd line. The Édouard-Montpetit team then changed their tactic and using mostly passing plays, with some help from two major penalties called against the Islanders, they scored another TD, again on a 1-yd run by Rinaldis to make the score 35-28 for Abbott (Pineault convert kick).

On the ensuing Islanders possession, the team in blue managed to run five plays but again they turned the ball over, this time on an interception by Shayen Boisvert at the Édouard-Montpetit 29-yd line. The situation started to look dire for the Islanders but their defense came to the rescue and they forced the Lynx to go three-and-out and punt the ball away. The offense, however, again could not protect the ball and they turned it over on a fumble recovered by Jules Gaudet near mid field. The Lynx then started driving towards the Abbott end zone but they stalled at the 30-yd line and they turned the ball over on downs.

The next two offensive series, which were now at the start of the 4th quarter, felt like déjà-vu, though, because John Abbott again turned the ball over with a fumble, this time recovered by Hugo Théry, while the Lynx then turned it over on downs. The Islanders offense then started from their own 40-yd line and going back to the strategy that worked they used a series of seven runs and four passes to score a TD on a 6-yd run by Williams that increased their margin to 42-28 (Lendvay convert kick) with only 6:01 left on the game clock.

The Lynx tried to mount a comeback and they managed to get as far as the middle of the field but some dropped passes as well as a major penalty that was called against them doomed their efforts and they turned the ball over on downs. The Islanders offense then went back on the field with 2:18 left to play and they were able to gain a couple of first downs that helped them run out the clock and preserve their win.

During the presentation of the trophy, Elijah Williams and Tristan Rinaldis were named the outstanding players of the game for their respective teams.

Now, a final word about the quality of refereeing. Readers of this web site will know that I am a strong supporter of referees but the crew who were assigned to this game were clearly not well prepared. They were indecisive and inconsistent. On several occasions, they had whistled a play dead and moved the sticks but then they huddled together and reversed their decision, while the players and spectators were looking on and trying to figure out what was happening. In other cases, after the ball on a pass play bounced off the chest of an Islanders receiver, fell to the ground and was picked up by a Lynx defender they called it a fumble while a similar play involving a Lynx receiver was ruled an incomplete pass. One last word of advice – you always have to have a backup set of yard sticks and a down marker, especially in an important game like this one.

Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes des Islanders du Collège John Abbott et les Lynx du Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
Summary of statistics for the game between the John Abbott College Islanders and the Cégep Édouard-Montpetit Lynx
(PDF 53 k)

Cégep de Thetford,Thetford Mines, QC
CEGEP div. 2 Bol d'Or, 15 Nov. 2019, 7:15 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#1 1-yd run (J#88 convert kick) 3:23
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#3 32-yd catch (J#88 convert kick) 10:01
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Édouard-Montpetit Lynx - TD, E#80 16-yd catch (E#10 convert kick) 0:14
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#40-yd run (J#88 convert kick) 1:28
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#10-yd run (J#88 convert kick) 8:35
Édouard-Montpetit Lynx - TD, E#81 11-yd catch (E#10 convert kick) 12:33
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#1 20-yd run (J#88 convert kick) 13:48
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Édouard-Montpetit Lynx - TD, E#12 1-yd run (E#10 convert kick) 4:08
Édouard-Montpetit Lynx - TD, E#12 1-yd run (E#10 convert kick) 9:06
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
John Abbott College Islanders - TD, J#1 6-yd run (J#88 convert kick) 8:59

Édouard-Montpetit Lynx

John Abbott College Islanders


Attendance – approximately 300-400

samedi/Saturday 16 novembre, 2019

(15 h)  Champlain-Lennoxville College 24 vs Vanier College Cheetahs 17
(championnat Bol d'Or div. 1 / division 1 Gold Cup)
(terrain/field: Cégep de Thetford, Thetford Mines, QC)

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