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samedi/Saturday 22 juin, 2019

(16 h) Huronia Stallions 9 vs Cornwall Wildcats 0
(terrain/field: Joe St. Denis Field, Cornwall ON)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé. When the Cornwall Wildcats varsity football team left the OVFL in 2018 and joined the OFC they not only changed leagues but also the type of football that they played. In the OVFL they played 4-down rules but the OFC uses 3-down rules, like the junior or university leagues. In order to be successful in a 3-down football game, however, you have to have a good or at least credible passing attack and neither one of these two teams had it. The Wildcats only completed 6 out of 24 passes while the Stallions were a little better with 11 completions out of 25 attempts. This meant that there was a lot of 2-and-outs and punting, and both teams had good punters.

During the first quarter most of the play took place on the Huronia side of the field and after a few punts at the start of the game, the Wildcats got the first good opportunity to score some points when the Huronia QB was sacked, fumbled the ball and the Cornwall defense recovered it at the Stallions 39-yd line. However, their own QB was then sacked, they threw an incomplete pass and had to punt the ball away. More punts followed by both teams until mid-way through the second quarter when the Stallions and the Wildcats exchanged back-to-back turnovers on intercepted passes but neither team could capitalize on these opportunities. The only scoring in the first half was a pair of singles from punts that went through the end zone that gave the visitors a 2-0 lead.

The second half of the game continued to be a punting exhibition except for one offensive series by the Huronia Stallions at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth when they moved 64 yards in 10 plays with an equal mix of runs and passes to finally get into the end zone on a 3-yd run by the QB to increase their lead to 9-0 (H#3 convert kick).

The Wildcats got the ball three more times, but they ended up punting on their first two drives and ran out of time on the final drive of the game.

Here are a few takeaways from the game:
  • The natural grass playing surface at the Joe St. Denis field was much better compared to previous years
  • The spectator stands were moved back to the west side of the field, which is great for anyone trying to take picture during the game
  • This reporter used the opportunity to test out his new camera, a Samsung NX20 (his previous camera was a Samsung NX10), and came away very impressed with its performance. He is eagerly waiting for an opportunity to try it out during a night game.
Apologies for the late delivery of the game report.


Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes des Stallions d'Huronia et les Wildcats de Cornwall
Summary of statistics for the game between the Huronia Stallions and the Cornwall Wildcats
(PDF 53 k)

Quelques photos prises au cours du match
(128 photos)

Some pictures taken during the game
(128 photos)

Joe St. Denis field, Cornwall, ON
OFC Varsity, June 22, 2019 4:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Huronia Stallions - Rouge H#4 6:45
Huronia Stallions - Rouge H#4 9:18
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Huronia Stallions - H#11 3-yd run (H#3 convert kick) 0:25

Huronia Stallions

Cornwall Wildcats


Attendance – approximately 120-140

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