2018 novembre 2-3: résultats des parties / game results

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vendredi/Friday 2 novembre, 2018

(15 h) Loyola H.S. 6 vs Collège Bourget cadet 56
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Collège Bourget, Rigaud, QC)

(20 h) Chateauguay 25 vs Stallions midget 7
Coupe Jack Simpson Cup
(terrain/field: Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé. In what is becoming an annual ritual, the St-Lazare Stallions midget football team played against the Chateauguay Raiders for the QMFL Jack Simpson Cup at Stade Hebert in St-Leonard.

From a spectator point of view, the game got off to a great start as both teams scored on their opening possessions. The Raiders received the kickoff and started from their own 41-yd line. Unlike the previous two years when the Raiders would simply hand the ball off to their ball carrier who would then just run right up the gut of the St-Lazare defense, this time they used a mix of runs and passes and in nine plays they were faced with a 4th down and one yard to go at the Stallions 14-yd line. They lined up like they were going for it but Stallions got called for an offside and the Raiders got an easy first down at the 9-yd line. Stallions defense pushed them back six yards on the next three plays and the Raiders had to settle for a 24-yd field goal attempt by R#91. The kick was good and the Raiders had an early 3-0 lead.

Stallions responded immediately, however, on their first offensive series, putting together four runs and five passes, of which two were complete, and going 64 yards to score a touchdown on a 15-yd catch by S#80 to take a 7-3 lead (S#41 convert kick).

Unfortunately for the Stallions that was as good as it was going to get because they only completed one more pass during the rest of the game and turned the ball over five times. The first of these turnovers happened at the end of the ensuing Chateauguay drive when a Stallions player got ready to receive the ball on a punt but muffed it instead and R#15 recovered it at the Stallions 25-yd line. The Raiders then used four consecutive run plays to score a TD on a 2-yd QB sneak by R#17 to go back in front 10-7 (R#91 convert kick).

When Stallions offense went on the field it looked like they might respond to the Raiders score as they started from their own 38-yd line and executed 11 plays but they were only able to make short gains and they finally had to punt the ball away. The Raiders answered that with a 9-play, 62-yd drive that finished with a 25-yd FG attempt but the kick was low and the score remained unchanged until the half time break.

The second half started with an exchange of turnovers – a Stallions fumble recovered by R#88 and a Raiders pass intercepted by S#80 followed by a missed FG attempt by the Stallions. The Raiders then went on offense from their own 15-yd line and after a run for no gain and an incomplete pass, the Chateauguay QB threw a pass to R#93 into double coverage near the center of the field. The Raiders receiver first juggled the ball but even with two Stallions defenders around him he somehow managed to bring it under control and sprint away into the end zone to make the score 17-7.

After another exchange of punts, Stallions were forced to start a new offensive series from their own 1-yd line because of two major penalties assessed against them on a punt return. After gaining a couple of yards on the 1st down play and an incomplete pass, R#87 broke through the Stallions o-line and tackled the QB in the end zone for a safety that increased the Raiders lead to 19-7 mid way through the 4th quarter. On the ensuing Chateauguay possession, the Raiders put together a 12-play, 75-yd series that finished with a 4-yd TD run by R#15 that made the score 26-7 (convert kick failed).

Stallions got the ball one more time with less than two minutes left to play but they could only get as far as the center of the field before turning the ball over on downs. The Raiders were then able to run out the clock to earn their third Jack Simpson Cup championship in a row.

After the game, the following players were recognized for their performance on the field:

MVP lineman:
for the Stallions #43 Nick St-Louis-Taylor
for the Raiders #88 Kevin Calado Luke

Team MVP
for the Stallions #22 Zachery Stehr
for the Raiders #21 William De Moor

Stade Hebert, St-Leonard, QC
QMFL, Jack Simpson Cup, 2 Nov. 2018 8:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - FG, R#91 24-yd 6:41
St-Lazare Stallions - TD, S#80 15-yd catch (S#41 convert kick) 10:40
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#17 2-yd run (R#91 convert kick) 2:03
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#93 95-yd catch (R#91 convert kick) 10:30
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - Safety, QB tackled in the end zone by R#87 5:32
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#15 4-yd run (convert kick failed) 10:09

Chateauguay Raiders

St-Lazare Stallions


Attendance – approximately 160-180

samedi/Saturday 3 novembre, 2018

(13 h) St-Hubert 7 vs Stallions moustique 54
Championnat LFRM / MRFL Championship
(terrain/field: Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC)

(18 h) CEGEP St-Jean 27 vs Vanier College Cheetahs 15
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Vanier College, St-Laurent, QC)

(19 h) St-Laurent 6 vs Stallions bantam 8
Coupe du Président Cup
(terrain/field: Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC)

(19 h 30) CEGEP de Sherbrooke 3 vs John Abbott College Islanders 38
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Memorial Field, John Abbott College, Ste-Anne-de-Belleveue, QC)

dimanche/Sunday 4 novembre, 2018

(15 h) Collège Sainte-Anne 3 vs É. S. Chêne-Bleu cadet 35
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: É. S. Chêne-Bleu, Pincourt, QC)

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