2018 novembre 16 : résultats des parties / game results

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vendredi/Friday 16 novembre, 2018

(20 h 30) John Abbott College Islanders 13 @ CEGEP de Valleyfield Noir et Or 35
championnat Bol d'Or div. 2 / div. 2 Gold Cup championship
(terrain/field: Centre Claude-Robillard, Montreal, QC)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé
A team that has 18 penalties called against it for 192 yards doesn't usually win a football game but the Valleyfield Noir et Or did exactly that and they did it by using a game strategy that was better suited for the playing conditions. On a slippery, snow-covered field and with persistent snow flurries during the match their strong running game, with an occasional pass just to keep the Abbott defense honest, was the perfect winning recipe.

The Islanders actually got off to a very strong start as their defense forced the Noir et Or to punt on the first offensive series of the game. The offense then went on the field starting from their own 26-yd line and with three carries, a pass and a major penalty called against Valleyfield had a first down at the Noir et Or 25-yd line. On the next play, however, their promising drive came to a grinding halt as a pass got intercepted by V#13 near the end zone. On the ensuing Valleyfield possession, it looked like the Abbott defense was going to bail the offense out but on a 3rd down and 2 yards to go play at the 14-yd line, the Noir et Or QB had to scramble towards the sideline where he found some open space and was then able to run all the way to the end zone to give his team an early 7-0 lead (V#54 convert kick).

The teams then traded punts until the start of the 2nd quarter when it looked like the Islanders were going to get the ball in good field possession when their defense forced Valleyfield to punt from their own 16-yd line but a penalty for roughing the kicker allowed the Noir et Or offense to stay on the field. Their drive continued and they methodically moved the ball down field, using seven carries and just one pass before V#6 finally got into the end zone on a 35-yd run to increase the lead to 14-0.

That seemed to be the turning point of the game and, unfortunately, things only got worse for John Abbott after that as their offense went three-and-out and they were forced to punt from their own 35-yd line. On the snap, however, the ball sailed over the punter's head and then dribbled into the end zone where V#24 recovered it for another Valleyfield TD that made the score 21-0.

After turning the ball over on downs on their next possession, Abbott's prospects finally started to turn around with 2:10 left to play in the first half when J#20 intercepted a pass at the Islanders 46-yd line. The offense then put together a quick 8-play 64-yd scoring drive that finished with a 1-yd run by J#1 to narrow the gap to 21-6 at the half time break (convert kick blocked).

It looked promising again for Abbott at the start of the 2nd half when they forced Valleyfield to punt on the first possession and their offense went on the field at their own 20-yd line. After an incomplete pass on first down, however, the ball was fumbled on the next play and V#96 recovered it. The mistake proved costly as the Noir et Or scored a TD four plays later on a 1-yd carry by V#6 to increase their lead to 28-6.

After the Islanders were forced to punt at the start of the 4th quarter on their ensuing possession, Valleyfield scored again the next time they got the ball to make the score 35-6. The Islanders hung in there, though, and responded with an 8-play, 80-yd drive that finished with a 28-yd TD catch by J#81 which made the final score 35-13.

Each team got the ball two more times before the end of the game but neither one pressed very hard to get close to the end zone.

After the game, the Bol d'Or officials presented MVP plaques to J#1 Elijah Williams for John Abbott and V#36 Xavier Daoust for Valleyfield.

Additional comments and remarks about how the game was run and organized will follow.

Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes des Noir et Or du CEGEP de Valleyfield et les Islanders du Collège John Abbott
Summary of statistics for the game between the Noir et Or from the Valleyfield CEGEP and the John Abbott College Islanders
(PDF 53 k)

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