2018 aout/Aug. 10-11 : résultats des parties / game results

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Une nouvelle saison de football amateur s'entame cette semaine avec des parties aux niveaux atôme. moustique, pee-wee, bantam et midget.

Beaucoup des changements ont eu lieu depuis la fin de la saison 2017 et il sera fort interessant de constater l'impact sur toutes les personnes impliquées.
La meilleur façon de decrire la saison qui arrive, peut-être, se trouve dans les mots de la chanteuse Joni Mitchell :
A new season of amateur football is starting this weekend with games at the atom, mosquito, pee-wee, bantam and midget levels.

A lot of changes took place since the end of the 2017 and it will be interesting to see how they will affect all the people involved.

Perhaps the best way to describe the upcoming season is to use the words of singer Joni Mitchell:

They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
And they charged all the people
A dollar and a half to see 'em
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
'Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And they put up a parking lot

Voici comment se deroulent les calendriers des parties des ligues différentes autour de Montréal :
  • les ligues mineurs (atom, moustique, pee-wee) - cette semaine
  • les ligues bantam et midget - cette semaine
  • la ligue junior - 18 aout
  • la ligue collégiale - 24 aout (div. 1), 1 septembre (div. 2)
  • la ligue universitaire - 24 aout
  • les ligues scolaires - 31 aout
Here is how the game schedules in the different leagues around Montreal will work:

  • youth leagues (atom, mosquito, pee-wee) this weekend
  • bantam and midget leagues - this weekend
  • junior league - 18 August
  • CEGEP leagues - 24 August (div. 1), 1 September (div. 2)
  • university football - 24 August
  • high school football - 31 August

vendredi/Friday 10 aout/August, 2018

(20 h) Stallions bantam 0 @ Lasalle Warriors 53
(terrain/field: Parc Keith Ewenson, Lasalle, QC)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé. It was a tough way to start a new season for the bantam Stallions facing a Lasalle Warriors team that only had 23 players compared to 21 for the Stallions but outplayed them in every facet of the game.

The Lasalle team went on offense first and only needed two plays to take an early 6-0 lead when their quarterback scrambled 67 yards to score the first TD of the game.

When Stallions offense went on the field it became clear how strong the Lasalle defense was when the Warriors d-line pushed right through the Stallions o-line and sacked the quarterback. On the 2nd down play, the Lasalle defenders once again pushed the Stallions back, this time forcing a fumble that was recovered by L#37 at the Stallions 34-yd line.

The Warriors appeared to score a touchdown on the first play of the ensuing possession but it was called back because of a penalty, which only prolonged the inevitable because six plays later, L#4 scored his 2nd TD of the game to make the score 14-0 (L#20 2-pt convert run).

Stallions got the ball five more times in the 1st half but the most that they could gain was 10 yards on one of the possessions and they ended up punting twice and turning the ball over on three other occasions. The Warriors, on the other hand, scored four TDs on their following five possessions to give them a 40-0 half time lead.

In the 2nd half, with the game clock running, Stallions were on offense four times, putting twice and turning the ball over twice, while the Warriors added two more TDs on their three possessions to make the final score 53-0.

For the Stallions, S#54 was the only bright spot on defense with a fumble recovery.

Keith Ewenson Stadium, Lasalle, Quebec
QBFL, Bill Allan div., 10 Aug. 2018 8:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#4 67-yd run (convert kick failed) 0:59
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#4 5-yd run (L#20 2-pt convert run) 5:44
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#20 30-yd run (convert kick blocked) 8:35
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#20 51-yd run (convert kick failed) 1:33
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#6 21-yd catch (L#23 convert kick) 5:14
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#2 5-yd run (L#23 convert kick) 12:00
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#6 17-yd catch (2-pt convert pass failed) 8:00
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Lasalle Warriors - TD, L#14 15-yd run (L#14 convert kick) 8:30

St-Lazare Stallions

Lasalle Warriors


Attendance – approximately 140-160

samedi/Saturday 11 aout/August, 2018

(10 h) Sun Youth 19 vs Stallions pee-wee 7
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S. St-Lazare, QC)

(12 h) Sun Youth 6 vs Stallions moustique 40
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S. St-Lazare, QC)

(14 h) Sunnybrooke 18 vs Stallions atôme 14
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S. St-Lazare, QC)

(20 h) Sherbrooke Bulldogs 4 vs Stallions midget 21
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

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