2017 nov. 2-5 : résultats des parties / game results

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Voici les autres parties des séries éliminatoires que l'on suit :
  • les Stingers de l'Université Concordia vont jouer contre les Carabins de l'Université de Montréal au terrain CEPSUM à Montréal samedi le 4 novembre à partir de 14 heures
  • les Raiders de Chateauguay vont affronter les Jr. Bruizers de la Rive Sud pour la Coupe Joe Pistilli et le championnat de la LFJQ au Parc Seaway de St-Lambert dimanche le 5 novembre à partir de 14 heures
Here are other playoff games that we're following:
  • the Concordia Stingers are playing against the U of M Carabins on Saturday, Nov. 4 at the CEPSUM field in Montreal starting at 2 pm
  • the Chateauguay Raiders will face the South Shore Jr. Bruizers for the Joe Pistill Cup and the QJFL championship on Sunday, Nov. 5 at Seaway Park in St-Lambert starting at 2 pm

jeudi/Thursday 2 novembre, 2017

(15 h 30) É. S. Chêne-Bleu cadet 9 @ Selwyn House H.S. 19
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Molson Stadium, Montreal, QC)

(18 h) Collège de Montreal 3 vs É. S. Cité-des-Jeunes cadet 49
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: É. S. Cité-des-Jeunes, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC)

vendredi/Friday 3 novembre, 2017

(14 h) É. S. Cité-des-Jeunes juvenile 0 @ Lower Canada College 18
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Lower Canada College, Notre-Dame-de-Grace, QC)

samedi/Saturday 4 novembre, 2017

(12 h) Stallions pee-wee 12 @ Saint-Leonard Cougars 21
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC)

(12 h 30) É.S. J.-H.-Leclerc 6 vs Collège Bourget juvenile 45
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Collège Bourget, Rigaud, QC)

(13 h) CEGEP de Sherbrooke 7 vs John Abbott College Islanders 48
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Memorial Field, John Abbott College, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC)

(16 h) Stallions midget 27 @ St-Laurent Spartans 13
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Parc St-Laurent, St-Laurent, QC)

Il n'est jamais un bon signe quand cinq voiture de police arrivent au match de football amateur. Plus de details à suivre. Le fait le plus important est que les Stallions vont jouer pour la Coupe Jack Simpson pour la 2e année consecutive, tout comme l'équipe midget originale des années 2005-2006.

La traduction du reportage est en cours. Désolé.
It is never a good sign when five police cars show up at an amateur football game. More details to follow. What's most important right now is that Stallions will be playing for the Jack Simpson Cup for a second year in a row, just like the original 2005-2006 team did.

The Stallions and the Spartans were playing at Parc St-Laurent in a Jack Simpson Cup semi final for the second year in a row but other than the fact that the two teams were playing with short benches on both occasions, the games could not have been more different. Last year, Stallions needed late game heroics to eke out a 15-14 win. This year, they were in control of the game all along and had no problem beating the Spartans 27-13, setting up a rematch against the Chateauguay Raiders.

Stallions got the ball first at the start of the game and they needed only two plays to score the first points of the game. On the first play, St#22 carried the ball for a 17-yd gain, which combined with a major penalty against the Spartans gave the Stallions a first down at the St-Laurent 28-yd line. On the next play, St#1 scored the first TD of the game when he caught a short pass in the flat and then shook off a few defenders to get into the end zone to put the Stallions in the lead 7-0 (St#25 convert kick).

The Spartans, however, responded immediately on the ensuing drive by moving 56 yards in nine plays and getting a first down at the Stallions 25-yd line but two plays later a pass attempt by St-Laurent was intercepted by St#2 and the scoring threat was extinguished.

After forcing Stallions to punt, Spartans put together another good offensive drive, this time getting to the Stallions 20-yd line before Sp#84 kicked a field goal to make the score 7-3 at the start of the second quarter. However, Stallions immediately got those points back and more by using the same play sequence as their first scoring drive, this time finishing with a 61-yd catch-and-run TD by St#19 to increase their lead to 14-3.

After the Spartans punted, it looked certain that Stallions would add to their lead when they got a first down at the St-Laurent 11-yd line after moving 65 yards in seven plays, but this time they came away empty handed when a pass in to the end zone was intercepted by a Spartans defender, keeping the score 14-3 until the half time break.

Stallions kicked off at the start of the 2nd half and they surprised the Spartans with a short kick that was recovered by St#12, who ran all the way to the 1-yd line before being tackled. It was then up to St#22 to finish the job with a TD on a 1-yd carry to increase St-Lazare's lead to 20-3 (convert kick failed). Once again the Spartans tried to respond and got as close as the 14-yd line when they decided to try a field goal. The kick went wide left and Stallions were able to run the ball out of the end zone to preserve their 20-3 advantage.
However, on the ensuing possession they got backed up near their own end zone because of penalties and they chose to concede a safety to make the score 20-5.

The defensive accomplishment seemed to inspire the Spartans and they responded with a quick touchdown on a 4-yd QB scramble to make the score 20-11 at the end of the 3rd quarter. But, the Stallions answered that challenge right away with a 7-play, 70-yd scoring drive that finished with St#22 getting into the end zone with an 11-yd run and increased their lead to 27-11.

The Spartans tried to claw their way back into the game and got as close as the Stallions 24-yd line on the ensuing drive but once again they came away with nothing when St#1 stopped their advance with an interception. St-Laurent got two more points when Stallions conceded another safety but that was as close as they would get.

With 2:21 left to play, Spartans got the ball back and once again tried to mount a comeback but St#1 put an end to it again with another interception. Stallions offense then went out on the field and faced a 3rd down and 11 yards to go at the Spartans 51-yd line but instead of punting they went for it, handed the ball off to St#22 who swept to the outside and managed to get to the first down marker. Some Spartans players obviously felt frustrated and pushing and shoving started, some spectators ran on the field and a big melée ensued. The police had to be called and five squad cars showed up with lights flashing and sirens blaring and in the end order was restored. The only question is whether any players would face any disciplinary action from the league.

St#22 stood out on offense with 125 yards gained on 18 carries and two TDs. On defense, St#1 and St#2 stood out with two and one interception respectively. St#21, St#19, St#24 and St#99 led the defense with the most tackles.

Quelques photos prises au cours de la 1re demi du match
(64 photos)

Some pictures taken during the 1st half of the game
(64 photos)

Parc St-Laurent, St-Laurent, QC
QMFL, Jack Simpson Cup playoffs, 4 Nov. 20174:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
St-Lazare Stallions - TD, St#1 28-yd catch (St#25 convert kick) 1:02
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
St-Laurent Spartans - FG, Sp#84 27-yd 1:00
St-Lazare Stallions - TD, St#19 61-yd catch (St#25 convert kick) 2:46
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
St-Lazare Stallions - TD, St#22 1-td run (convert kick failed) 0:47
St-Laurent Spartans - Safety, conceded by St#2 10:14
St-Laurent Spartans - TD, Sp#4 2-yd run (2-pt convert pass attempt failed) 11:17
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
St-Lazare Stallions - TD, St#22 11-yd run (St#25 convert kick) 4:17
St-Laurent Spartans - Safety, conceded by St#2 9:39

St-Lazare Stallions

St-Laurent Spartans


Attendance – approximately 50-60 people (+ 5 police cars)

(18 h 30) Collège Notre-Dame-de-Foy 8 vs Vanier College Cheetahs 12
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Vanier College, St-Laurent, QC)

dimanche/Sunday 5 novembre, 2017

(10 h) Stallions moustique 8 @ Alexander Park Hurricanes 22
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Alexander Park, Pierrefonds, QC)

(12 h) Stallions atôme 24 @ Chateauguay Raiders Silver 6
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Parc Laberge, Chateauguay, QC)

(13 h) Sherbrooke Bulldogs 6 vs Stallions bantam 14
séries éliminatoires / playoffs
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

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