2017 nov. 17-18 : résultats des parties / game results

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Ça y est, la saison de football 2017 s'acheve cette semaine. La partie la plus importante sera le match de revanche entre les Islanders du Collège John Abbott et le Noir-et-Or du Cegep de Vallefield. Les cinq ans de travail de Patrick Gregory ont finalement porté fruit. Depuis son arrivée au poste de l'entraineur chef, les Islanders ont toujours accedé aux séries éliminatoires et ils ont grimpé au classement chaque saison. On vera s'ils trouveront la bonne stratégie défensive face à l'attaque polyvalente de l'équipe campivalensienne.

Quant à l'équipe du Collège Vanier, c'est la première fois qu'elle accéde au championnat de la div. 1 depuis 2012 quand ils ont gagné 25 à 19 contre Collège Champlain-Lennoxville.
Pour John Abbott, ils n'ont pas accédé à la finale de la div. 2 depuis 2002 quand ils ont battu Collège André-Grasset 32 à 7.
L'équipe de Valleyfield accede au championnat de la div. 2 pour la deuxième saison consecutive. L'année passée, elle a perdu contre Cegep Lionel-Groulx 48-43. Auparavant, quand même, elle a gagné le Bol d'Or de la div. 3 trois fois aux années 2012, 2013 et 2014.
That's it, the 2017 football season is coming to an end this weekend. The most important game will be the rematch between the John Abbott College Islanders and the Valleyfield Noir-et-Or. The five years of work that Patrick Gregory has put in have finally paid off. Every since he took over the reins at the head coaching position, the Islanders have made the playoffs every year and they have steadily climbed in the standings. It will be interesting to see if they have the right defensive game strategy to meet the challenges of the multi-faceted offense of the Valleyfield team.

For Vanier, it's their first trip to a div. 1 final since 2012 when they defeated Champlain-Lennoxville 25-19.
For John Abbott, it's their first div. 2 final since 2002 when they beat Collége André-Grasset 32-7.
For Valleyfield, it's their second consecutive appearance in a div. 2 final. Last year they lost to Cegep Lionel-Groulx 48-43. Before that they did win the Bol d'Or championship three times in div. 3 in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

vendredi/Friday 17 novembre, 2017

(19 h) John Abbott College Islanders 25 vs Valleyfield Noir-et-Or 38
Championnat Bol d'Or div. 2 / Gold Cup div. 2 championship
(terrain/field: Centre Claude-Robillard, Montreal, QC)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé.. Some statistics from the game:
  • John Abbott College Islanders – 5 turnovers, 325 net yards of offense, 17 penalties for 164 yards
  • Valleyfield Noir-et-Or – 2 turnovers, 462 net yards of offense, 10 penalties for 83 yards.
Guess who won the game?

The John Abbott College Islanders gained more yards and had more first downs against Valleyfield in this game compared to their regular season encounter back in October, but they also committed more turnovers and, most importantly, had more than double the number of penalties and penalty yards assessed against them. Valleyfield on the other hand, other than conceding two safeties in the first half, committed no turnovers at all and showed enough disciple to limit their penalties to a manageable level.

The first drive of the game turned out to be a window onto the entire match. Valleyfied started from its own 48-yd line. After a run for no gain and an incomplete pass, they gained only six yards on the 3rd down play and it looked like the would have to punt. Unfortunately, Islanders were assessed a 10-yd penalty and the Noir-et-Or drive continued. Nine plays later Valleyfield appeared to score a touchdown but it was called back for holding. After replaying the third down and gaining no yards they settled for a 27-yd field goal by V#3 to take an early 3-0 lead.

Even though the next two drives by John Abbott ended with a punt and an interception, the Islanders actually took a 4-3 lead after one quarter of play thanks to two safeties that they forced Valleyfield to concede.

The third time that the Islanders offense went on the field proved to be the charm as they put together an 8-play, 75-yd drive that finished with a 33-yd catch by I#25 to increase their lead to 11-3 (I#28 convert kick). However, Valleyfield immediately responded with one of their typical offensive series, using 12 plays to move 75 yards and consuming almost six minutes of playing time to narrow the gap to 11-10 thanks to a 13-yd TD catch by V#88 (V#3 convert kick). The key moment during that drive was a major penalty against John Abbott on a 4th down play that appeared to have stopped a Noir-et-Or player short of the first down marker.

Just like in their regular season game, however, John Abbott was up to the challenge and they scored a TD of their own, this time thanks to a 35-yd catch by I#8 on a 4th down play to make the score 18-10 for the Islanders. The Noir-et-Or, however, played along in this touchdown scoring tit-for-tat, this time using 11 plays to move 67 yards and finishing with a 5-yd run by V#7 to make the score 18-17 at the half time break.

The third quarter was a low scoring affair but it did allow Valleyfield to take a 22-18 lead that they would never surrender. Two of the five points for Valleyfield came from a safety that John Abbott conceded while the other three came from a 13-yd field goal by V#3. It appeared as if the two teams would get into another offensive shootout at that point when the Islanders offense went on the field and after running seven plays got a first down at the Valleyfield 26-yd line. But, they were then pushed back five yards by a penalty and on the next play they fumbled the football and V#52 recovered it. The turnover proved costly for the Islanders because the Noir-et-Or offense then used eight plays to move 68 yards to score a TD on a 20-yd catch by V#88 to increase their lead to 29-18 at the start of the 4th quarter.

After increasing their lead to 31-18 thanks to a second safety to be conceded by John Abbott, the Noir-et-Or offense put together another methodical scoring drive, this one using nine plays to move 75 yards and finishing with a 1-yd carry into the end zone by V#32 that increased their lead to 38-18. John Abbott got the ball back with 6:14 left on the clock and they only needed a little bit more than two minutes to score a touchdown, this time on a 5-yd catch by I#4 to narrow the gap to 38-25. They then tried an on-side kick but they could not recover the ball and Valleyfield offense went back on the field with 4:01 left on the clock. Unfortunately for John Abbott, their defense could not get the ball back and the Noir-et-Or were able to convert on two 4th down plays and then run out the clock to seal their victory.

After the game, RSEQ officials presented Most Valuable Player awards to players from each team. For the Valleyfield Noir-et-Or it was V#15 Kelley Brossard while for the John Abbott Islanders it was I#8 Mark Atrill.

The question now is, after all of their successes in the last six years in division 3 and division 2, when will the Noir-et-Or move up to division 1?

Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes des Islanders du Collège John Abbott et les Noir-et-Or du Cegep de Valleyfield
Summary of statistics for the game between the John Abbott College Islanders and the Noir-et-Or from the Valleyfield CEGEP
(53 k)

Centre Claude-Robillard, Montreal, QC
CEGEP div. 2 Bol d'Or championship, 17 Nov. 2017, 7:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - FG, V#3 27-yd 6:00
John Abbott Islanders - Safety, conceded by V#3 10:25
John Abbott Islanders - Safety, conceded by V#3 12:50
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
John Abbott Islanders - TD, I#25 33-yd catch (I#28 convert kick) 0:24
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - TD, V#88 13-yd catch (V#3 convert kick) 6:23
John Abbott Islanders - TD, I#8 35-yd catch (I#28 convert kick) 9:24
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - TD, V#7 5-yd run (V#3 convert kick) 13:34
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - Safety, conceded by I#28 2:41
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - FG, V#3 13-yd 8:32
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - TD, V#88 20-yd catch (V#3 convert kick) 2:38
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - Safety, conceded by I#28 4:30
Valleyfield Noir-et-Or - TD, V#32 1-yd run (V#3 convert kick) 8:46
John Abbott Islanders - TD, I#4 5-yd catch (I#28 convert kick) 10:59

John Abbott Islanders

Valleyfield Noir-et-Or


Attendance – approximately 2500-3000

samedi/Saturday 18 novembre, 2017

(15 h) Vanier College Cheetahs 0 @ Champlain-Lennoxville College 36
Championnat Bol d'Or div. 1 / Gold Cup div. 1 championship
(terrain/field: Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, Montreal, QC)

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