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La traduction est en cours. Désolé. When the Cornwall Wildcats varsity football team play their first home game this Saturday, June 3 against the York Region Lions at the Joe St. Denis field in Cornwall it will mark the official start of the new football season as it has done for the past six years.

As usual, there will be a few players from Quebec on the Wildcats roster. Exceptionally, this game starts at 1 pm while the rest of their home games will start at 5 pm. Admission to the game is $5 for adults.

While this will be the first home game for the Wildcats, it will not be the first football game played this year. The 2017 OVFL season started two weeks earlier but there were also two exhibition games played on May 6 in Ottawa between teams from Quebec and Ontario as part of a Canada Football Chat Fox 40 Prospects Challenge event.
In the first game, the team of QBFL All-Stars beat an Ontario High School Sophomore team 27-0. After that, the QMFL All-Stars lost 30-6 to a team of OVFL Varsity players. Both games can be watched through the Canada Football Chat website.

The new football season, however, will be completely different from any season in the past 17 years because during the off-season, while everybody was enjoying Christmas turkey leftovers, the people who regulate amateur football went and blew it up.

First, in Ontario, a large number of teams split off from the OVFL and formed a new league called the Ontario Provincial Football League. While the Cornwall Wildcats and the Ottawa Myers Riders remained in the OVFL, some of their competitors like the Cumberland Panthers and the Kingston Grenadiers joined the new league.

In Quebec, the changes were equally drastic as the age categories for amateur football teams starting from the Tykes level all the way to Midget were changed. The new age categories are:

Tykes – eliminated completely
Atom – ages 6-8 but it becomes flag football
Mosquito – ages 9-10
Pee-wee – ages 11-12
Bantam – ages 13-14
Midget – ages 15-17

What has happened, however, is that some of the amateur football organizations decided to follow the new structure while others decided to stay with the old ones. The Montreal Region Football League that the St-Lazare Stallions joined in 2014 for the atom, mosquito and pee-wee levels, chose to keep the old age categories. The same thing is true for the QBFL and the QMFL.

However, other leagues such as the Montreal Metro league and the Laurentian-Lanaudiere league decided to go with the new age categories. On top of that, individual football associations did not always follow the direction chosen by the league where they were playing and made their own decisions. For example, the Ile-Perrot Western Patriots decided to adopt the new age categories and as a consequence they have left the MRFL and joined the Montreal Metro league. In addition, they have also taken their bantam team out of the QBFL and started their own midget team, both of which will play in the Montreal-Metro league.

The end result is that the number of teams playing in the QBFL and the QMFL has dropped as teams such as St-Bruno, Drummondville and Victoriaville have switched their bantam and midget teams to the Montreal Metro league.


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