2016 novembre 10-12 : résultats des parties / game results

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La saison de football 2016 s'achéve et il n'y a que quelques parties de séries éliminatoires au calendrier.
The 2016 football season is coming to an end and only a few playoff games remain.

jeudi/Thursday 10 novembre, 2016

(18 h) Chêne-Bleu juvenile 3 @ St-Thomas H.S. 27
(championnat div. 2B / div. 2B championship)
(terrain/field: Parc Terra-Cotta, Pointe-Claire, QC)

vendredi/Friday 11 novembre, 2016

(19 h) Cégep Lionel-Groulx 48 vs Cégep de Valleyfield Noir et Or 43
(championnat Bol d'Or div. 2 / div. 2 Gold Cup championship)
(terrain/field: Stade Alphonse Desjardins, Cégep St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC)

La partie sera diffusé sur l'internet sur le site web de RSEQ.
This game will be broadcast on the RSEQ website.

samedi/Saturday 12 novembre, 2016

(10 h) St-Hubert Rebelles 38 vs Stallions atôme 40
(championnat LFRM / MRFL championship)
(terrain/field: Westwood Jr. H.S., St-Lazare, QC)

Un excellent match!
Au 3e quart le pointage était égale 32 à 32. Les Rebelles ont ensuite marqué un touché pour prendre le devant 38 à 32, mais ils ont raté le botté de transformation.
Les Stallions ont repondu immédiatement et ils ont marqué un touché au debut du 4e quart pour égaliser le pointage 38 à 38. Cependant, ils ont réussi le botté de transformation et ils ont allés en avant 40 à 38 oû ils resteraient jusqu'à la fin de la partie

Ils vont maintenant jouer dans le championnat provincial pour le Ballon d'Argent contre les Pirates du Richelieu de la ligue Montréal Métro. Depuis la saison inaugurale de l'Association de Football de St-Lazare en 2001, ceci sera la 2e fois qu'une équipe atôme accède au championnat provincial. La première fois était en 2006 avec Mike Dutton au poste de l'entraîneur-chef. Leurs adversaires étaient les Hornets de Sun Youth et ils se sont inclinés 34 à 22.
Great game!
The score was tied 32-32 in the 3rd quarter. The Rebelles then scored a touchdown to take a 38-32 lead but they missed the convert.
Stallions responded right away and at the start of the 4th quarter they scored a TD to tie the score 38-38 but their convert kick was good and they took the lead 40-38 that they would keep until the end of the game.

They will now play in the Ballon d'Argent provincial championship game against the Richelieu Pirates from the Montreal Metro league. Since the St-Lazare Stallions Football Association's inaugural season in 2001, this will be the second time that the atom team makes it to the provincial championship. The first time was in 2006 when the team was coached by Mike Dutton and they faced the Sun Youth Hornets and they ended up on the short end a 34-22 score.

Quelques photos prises au cours du match
(43 photos)

Some pictures taken during the game
(43 photos)

(17 h) Stallions midget 2 @ Chateauguay Raiders 7
(Coupe Jack Simpson / Jack Simpson Cup)
(terrain/field: Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé.
When the Stallions atom team beat the St-Hubert Rebelles for the MRFL championship earlier in the day, it looked like all the stars were lining up for a repeat of the successful 2006 season. That year, the Stallions midget team played for the Jack Simpson Cup while the atom team played in the Ballon d'Argent game against the Sun Youth Hornets for the provincial championship. The midget team ended up winning the Jack Simpson Cup by beating the Greenfield Park Packers 28-23 whereas the atom team lost to the Hornets 34-22.

At the same time as the coaches and the players from the 2006 championship team were meeting at Cunningham's Pub in Hudson for a 10-year reunion, this season's midget team had a great opportunity to do their part on this historic occasion. With less than three minutes left to play in the game and trailing the Raiders 7-2, it looked like they might pull off another miracle comeback like they did a week earlier against the St-Laurent Spartans. In fact, their task seemed even easier since they only needed to score one touchdown instead of two but it was not to be. On their last two possessions they turned the ball over and Chateauguay was able to run out the clock to win the Jack Simpson Cup that was denied to them by the Greenfield Park Packers a year ago.

For the first three quarters of the game, neither team could generate much offense. The closest that the Stallions could get to the end zone was the 41-yd line. The Raiders had a little bit more success and they did manage to get as close as 26 yards from the Stallions end zone near the end of the first half but Tyler Caleb put an end to that threat when he intercepted a pass at the 10-yd line.

Everything changed near the end of the third quarter when Stallions were punting from their own 51-yd line. Kicking into the strong wind, the ball only traveled nine yards when Félix Thibert-Valade fielded it at the Raiders 50-yd line. With some good blocking he was able to return the punt 38 yards all the way to the Stallions 22-yd line. However, Stallions were penalized for no yards as well as unnecessary roughness on the punt return and the Raiders offense went on the field starting just 2 yards outside the Stallions end zone at the start of the 4th quarter. They tried three running plays but Stallions defense only allowed them to advance one yard. Raiders went for it on 4th down and this time they used a reverse play that seemed to catch the Stallions off guard and allowed Jordan Murphy to get into the end zone untouched, giving the Raiders a 7-0 lead (Murphy also kicked the convert).

After Stallions punted on the ensuing drive, the Raiders went back on offense at their own 6-yd line. They could only advance one yard on the next three plays, however, and they chose to concede a safety to make the score 7-2.

Stallions punted the ball away on their next drive and it seemed like the Raiders had the game under control when they went on offense and got a first down at the Stallions 54-yd line with less than three minutes left to play, but they fumbled the ball on the next play and Jared Heward recovered it for the Stallions. St-Lazare then went on offense at the Raiders 51-yd line and with two plays and a major penalty against Chateauguay they had a first down at the 31-yd line. Unfortunately, on the next play, a Stallions pass was intercepted by Tyler Stewart, giving the Raiders the ball with only 1:50 left on the clock.

Once again, Stallions defense rose to the challenge and they forced the Raiders to punt. The offense then went on the field at the Raiders 35-yd line with 40 seconds left to play. On their first play, the pass attempt to Troy Lendvay was nearly intercepted by a Raiders defender but just when it looked like the ball might simply fall to the ground, Lendvay scooped it up and ran to the Raiders 14-yd line for a first down. The next play after that seemed like another completed pass at the Raiders 10-yd line but the referees declared it incomplete because of the receiver being out of bounds. Some players objected to the call and Stallions were assessed a penalty for objectionable conduct that pushed them back 10 yards. That looked like nothing more than a small bump on the road to the end zone, but on the next play Stallions QB was sacked, fumbled the ball and Kole Thomas-Beaton recovered it for the Raiders, who were then able to run out the clock and win the game.

After the game, league official presented outstanding lineman awards to William Mironchuk-Murray from the Stallions and Brandon Bouchard from the Raiders. Dwante Morgan from Chateauguay and Caleb Da Silva from St-Lazare were selected as their respective team's MVPs.

Justin Bois D'Enghien made the biggest contribution on offense with 17 carries for 59 yards. On defense, Tyler Caleb with an interception, Jarred Heward with a fumble recovery and Thomas O'Neill with a blocked field goal made the biggest contributions. O'Neill, Da Silva and Morley Bennett made the most tackles.

Stade Hébert, St-Leonard, QC
QMFL, Jack Simpson Cup championship, 12 Nov. 2016 5:00 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#18 1-yd run (R#18 convert kick) 1:45
St-Lazare Stallions - Safety, conceded by R#7 6:15

St-Lazare Stallions

Chateauguay Raiders


Attendance – approximately 220-240

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