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Les équipes de football junior des Raiders de Châteauguay et des Sooners d'Ottawa vont réanimer une vieille rivalité alors qu'elles se préparent à s'affronter pour la première fois depuis la saison 2008 ce samedi, le 23 juillet au stade Keith Harris à Ottawa à partir de 13 h.

Le match fait partie d'un nouvel événement annuel de collecte de fonds au bénéfice de l'organisation des Shriners dans leurs efforts de soutenir des hôpitaux pour enfants. Le match de football, où l'équipe gagnante recevra comme le prix la Coupe Shrine des Sooners, est l'attraction principale de cet événement, mais il comprendra également un spectacle à mi-temps, du maquillage et des cheerleaders.

Les billets pour la partie coûtent 15 $ et on peut les acheter en ligne sur le site web de www.eventbrite.ca
The Chateauguay Raiders and the Ottawa Sooners junior football teams will be rekindling an old rivalry as they get set to play against each other for the first time since the 2008 season this Saturday, July 23 at the Keith Harris stadium in Ottawa starting at 1 pm.

The game is part of a new annual fundraising event to benefit the Shriners organization in their efforts to support children's hospitals. The football game, where the winning team will receive the Sooners Shrine Bowl as the prize, is the main attraction of this event, but it will also include a half time show, face painting and cheerleaders.

Tickets for the game cost $15 and they can be purchased online at the www.eventbrite.ca web site.

samedi/Saturday 23 juillet/July, 2016

(13 h) Chateauguay Jr. Raiders 14 @ Ottawa Sooners 21
Coupe Shrine / Shrine Bowl
(terrain/field: Keith Harris Stadium, Ottawa, ON)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé. The Chateauguay Raiders and the Ottawa Sooners faced each other for the first time since the 2008 season playoffs. This time, the circumstances were much different. Eight years ago the Sooners were still part of the QJFL whereas now they are part of the Ontario Football Conference in the CJFL. Back then, the facilities at the Keith Harris stadium were rather run down and neglected while today they are top notch (are you paying attention Concordia Stingers?) thanks to the return of the Ravens football team at Carleton University. Finally, the last time these two teams met the QJFL championship trophy was at stake while this time, the goal of the game is to start an annual tradition to raise money for the Shriners organization.

The event began with pomp and ceremonies as the arriving spectators were greeted by the Sooners cheerleaders and the Shriners mascot while bagpipes were playing in the background. The Canadian national anthem was then sung by a local singer and the opening kickoff took place at precisely 1 pm.

Both teams played cautiously at first and punted on their first two possessions. However, on their third appearance on the field, the Sooners offense surprised the Raiders defense with a 55-yd deep pass to S#80 in the end zone to take a 7-0 lead (S#29 convert kick). After that, neither team could manufacture any good scoring opportunity until early in the 2nd quarter when the Sooners started a new offensive series from the Raiders 22-yd line. They got as close as the 9 yards from the end zone but the Raiders defense held their ground and a major penalty pushed the Sooners 15 yards back. In the end, the home team had to settle for a 31-yd field goal attempt but the kick missed the mark wide right and they only gained 1 point for a rouge.

The Sooners gained another rouge point to increase their lead to 9-0 mid way through the 2nd quarter but the Raiders offense then responded with a 75-yd drive that finished with a touchdown on a 39-yd catch-and-run play by Forest to narrow the gap to 9-7 at the half time break(Remi Hort convert kick).

In the 3rd quarter it looked like the Sooners were going to run away with it as their defense kept the Raiders in check while their offense was putting points on the scoreboard with a touchdown by S#35 and a field goal by S#29 to increase their lead to 19-7. However, on the last play of the 3rd quarter, Porreca connected with Forest again, this time on a 90-yd catch-and-run play, to make the score 19-14.

In the 4th quarter, the Raiders defense stood its ground and stopped the Sooners from scoring any more points, with the best play coming from Sanders Armand who blocked a 25-yd field goal attempt, but the Raiders offense wasn't doing much to help their own cause and they allowed the Sooners to increase their lead to 21-7 with a safety.

Finally, with 2:13 left to play in the game, the Raiders offense went back on the field starting at the Sooners 49-yd line. They converted on 3rd and 10 and they got a first down at the Sooners 5-yd line thanks to a 44-yd catch by R#30 and it looked like it was just a matter of time before they would score the game-tying touchdown. However, a delay of game penalty pushed them back 10 yards. After an incomplete pass into the end zone, on 2nd and goal from the 15-yd line, Porreca scrambled for nine yards to the Sooners 6-yd line. Another delay of game penalty pushed the Raiders back 10 yards again and then, on 3rd and goal from the 16-yd line, Porreca's throw to Shakeel D'Aguiar in the end zone went incomplete and all the Sooners had to do was to run out the last 45 seconds left on the clock to seal their victory.

Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes de Sooners d'Ottawa et des Raiders de Chateauguay
Summary of statistics for the game between the Ottawa Sooners and the Chateauguay Raiders
(PDF 53 k)

Quelques photos prises au cours du match
(192 photos avec des légendes)

Some pictures taken during the game
(192 photos with captions)

Keith Harris Stadium, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
2016 Shrine Bowl, 23 July 2016, 1 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
Ottawa Sooners - TD, S#80 55-yd catch (S#29 convert kick) 8:41
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Ottawa Sooners - Rouge, S#29, missed 31-yd FG 5:54
Ottawa Sooners - Rouge, S#29, punt through the end zone 9:29
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#5 39-yd catch (R#83 convert kick) 12:03
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Ottawa Sooners - TD, S#35 24-yd catch (S#29 convert kick) 4:13
Ottawa Sooners - FG, S#29 38-yd 11:24
Chateauguay Raiders - TD, R#5 90-yd catch (R#83 convert kick) 15:00
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Ottawa Sooners - Safety, conceded by R#83 11:43

Chateauguay Raiders

Ottawa Sooners


Attendance – approximately 350-400

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