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Voici les parties que l'on surveille :
Here are the games that we are watching:

samedi/Saturday 25 juin, 2016

(16 h) Oshawa Hawkeyes 21 vs Cornwall Wildcats 31
(terrain/field: Joe St. Denis field, Cornwall, ON)

La traduction est en cours. Désolé. The Cornwall Wildcats earned their first win of the season thanks to their defense, which caused 10 Oshawa turnovers and scored two touchdowns that proved to be the winning margin.

Neither team could score any points in the first quarter. For the Wildcats, it was due to their offense going three-and-out on their first three possessions and punting the ball. For the Hawkeyes, it was due to turnovers, especially their first two possessions, which were cut short by fumbles that ended up being recovered by C#98.

After a series of turnovers by both teams in the first half of the 2nd quarter, the Hawkeyes finally broke the scoreless tie with a 28-yd TD catch by O#18 to give the visitors a 7-0 lead (O#22 convert kick). The Wildcats responded immediately by moving the ball 48 yards in seven plays and getting a first down at the Oshawa 11-yd line but they lost 4 yards on next three plays and the settled for a 22-yd field goal by C#28 to make the score 7-3. The Oshawa offense then kept the scoring pace and responded with an eight-play, 70-yd drive that finished with a 1-yd run into the end zone by O#10 that gave them a 14-3 lead at the half time break.

After each team punted on their first possession of the second half, the Cornwall defense began to assert itself, starting with the first interception of the game by C#1, which put the Wildcats offense back on the field at the Oshawa 40-yd line. Two plays later, C#28 reduced the Oshawa lead to 14-10 with a 28-yd catch-and-run TD. As the 3rd quarter was drawing to a close, C#9 gave the Wildcats the lead that they would never relinquish when he intercepted a pass at the Oshawa 50-yd line and threaded his way into the end zone to make the score 17-14 for the home team. On the ensuing drive by Oshawa, the Hawkeyes appeared poised to retake the lead when they moved 56 yards in three plays and gained a first down at the Cornwall 7-yd line but they had to settle for a field goal attempt. The 15-yd attempt, however, missed wide right and the visitors only gained 1 point to make the score 17-15.

On their next possession, the Hawkeyes once again got close to the Wildcats end zone but the threat was extinguished by C#1 who intercepted a pass near the goal line and raced 105 yards the other way for a TD that put his team ahead 24-15 mid way through the 4th quarter. After another exchange of turnovers, the Wildcats offense got the ball again with less than three minutes left to play in the game and they finally put together a proper scoring drive, going 35 yards in six plays and finishing with a 15-yd TD run by C#28 to increase the lead to 31-15. Oshawa responded immediately with a touchdown to reduce the deficit to 31-21 (after a failed 2-pt convert attempt) and they got the ball right back after recovering the ball on a short kickoff but with 24 seconds left to play, C#24 intercepted a pass at the Cornwall 10-yd line to seal the win.


Résumé des statistiques du match entre les équipes de Hawkeyes d'Oshawa et des Wildcats de Cornwall
Summary of statistics for the game between the Oshawa Hakweyes and the Cornwall Wildcats
(PDF 53 k)

Quelques photos prises au cours du match
(168 photos avec des légendes)

Some pictures taken during the game
(168 photos with captions)

Joe St. Denis field, Cornwall, ON
OVFL Varsity, June 25, 2016 4 pm
Premier Quart / First Quarter
no scoring / pas de pointage
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Oshawa Hawkeyes - TD, O#18 28-yd catch (O#22 convert kick) 6:56
Cornwall Wildcats - FG, C#28 22-yd 12:36
Oshawa Hawkeyes - TD, O#10 1-yd run (O#22 convert kick) 14:44
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Cornwall Wildcats - TD, C#28 38-yd catch (C#28 convert kick) 5:38
Cornwall Wildcats - TD, C#9 50-yd INT return (C#28 convert kick) 14:31
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Oshawa Hawkeyes - Rouge, O#22 on missed 15-yd FG attempt 2:45
Cornwall Wildcats - TD, C#1 105-yd INT return (C#28 convert kick) 8:21
Cornwall Wildcats - TD, C#25 15-yd run (C#28 convert kick) 13:42
Oshawa Hawkeyes - TD, O#80 58-yd catch (2-pt convert pass failed) 13:58

Oshawa Hawkeyes

Cornwall Wildcats


Attendance – approximately 160-180

Evaluation de l'événement sur une échelle de 0 à 5 Event evaluation on a scale from 0 to 5.

On the field
Playing field Team participation Officials Participant facilities

Off the field
Access/ location Spectator facilities Media/ reporting facilities Canteen
3 1

Event features
Game conduct Information/ announcements Music/ entertainment Visibility/ availability Lasting legacy Value for money

Voici les statistiques cumulées de l'équipe midgetdes Stallions de St-Lazare pour la saison 2015 ainsi que la liste mise à jour de leurs meilleures performances.

Quant aux performances record, six joueurs de l'équipe midget 2015 se sont demarqués avec des performances parmi les dix meilleurs en sept catégories différentes (sur 22 au total).

Bonne lecture!

Here are the 2015 season cumulative statistics for the St-Lazare Stallions midget team as well as the updated list of their best performances.

In terms of record performances, six players from the 2015 midget team have stood out with top ten accomplishments in seven different categories (out of 22 in total).


Les statistiques de l'équipe midget pour la saison 2015
The statistics for the 2015 season for the midget team
(PDF 82 k)

Les meilleures performances de l'équipe midget
Midget team's record performances
(PDF 107 k)

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