Les stats 2015 et les meilleurs performances de l'équipe bantam
2015 stats and bantam team record performances


Voici les statistiques cumulées de l'équipe bantam des Stallions de St-Lazare pour la saison 2015 ainsi que la liste mise à jour de leurs meilleures performances.

S'il vous plaît noter que lorsque le nombre de verges et les statistiques défensives comprennent seulement 9 des 12 matchs que l'équipe bantam a joué, les statistiques de pointage sont complétes. En termes de performances record, six joueurs de l'équipe bantam 2015 se sont demarqués avec des performances parmi les dix meilleurs en 12 catégories différentes (sur 20 au total), dont un nouveau record pour le plus grand nombre des échappés récupérés dans une saison, qui appartient maintenant à Jarred Heward qui en avait fait sept.

Les statistiques de l'équipe midget seront affichés sous peu.

Bonne lecture!

Here are the 2015 season cumulative statistics for the St-Lazare Stallions bantam team as well as the updated list of their best performances.

Please note that while the yardage and defensive statistics include only 9 of the 12 games that the bantam team played, the scoring statistics are complete. In terms of record performances, six players from the 2015 bantam team have stood out with top 10 accomplishments in 12 different categories (out of 20 in total), including one new record for the most fumbles recovered in a season, which now belongs to Jarred Heward who had seven of them.

The midget team's stats will be posted shortly.


Les statistiques de l'équipe bantam pour la saison 2015
The statistics for the 2015 season for the bantam team
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Les meilleures performances de l'équipe bantam
Bantam team's record performances
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When are the midget stats coming out???

Hello Ranger,
They should be out soon (maybe a week or two). I apologize for the delay.

I apologize for all the hate. I really enjoy all the effort you put in this website.

That's not "hate", they're valid questions. Until now, I was always able to have the season stats ready a month or two after the last game was played but this year there is a small complications (of the good kind) that requires me to dedicate 2-3 continuous hours to make the stats complete and, unfortunately, I have not been able to find those 2-3 hours. However, the situation looks good in the coming days.

Keep going on the nice work!

Hey any update for the midget stats?

Sorry for the late reply. They're not ready but there is progress. Most of the work is done in rough format and now there is just the work of formatting the final report. It will not be ready this week but it will be done by next weekend (May 7).

Please bear with me for another couple of weeks to get the stats completed.

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