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2009 Aug. 29-30: Pointage des joutes / Games results

Pendant la quatrième semaine de la saison de football 2009 sept équipes des Stallions étaient en action. Voici les résultats des parties:  During the fourth week of play in the 2009 football season, seven Stallions teams were in action. Here are the game results:


Samedi/Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009

L-L Pumas 32 vs Pee-wee AA 0

L-L Pumas 0 vs Atome Argent 6

St-Leonard 0 vs Bantam 43

Bantam team game stats

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said that football is just two things - blocking and tackling.

The way the Stallions bantam team played against the St-Leonard Cougars on the way to a 43-0 victory one could make a strong case that speed should be added to those two because on many occasions during the game Stallions ball carriers were too fast for the Cougars defenders to either block them or tackle them.

Stallions started the game by scoring on their first two possessions. Kevin Cronn scored first on a 36-yd run after Glen Belvedere recovered a St-Leonard fumble. On the next possession Alex Pilon combined with QB Quaid Johnson on a 52-yd catch-and-run play to give the Stallions a 12-0 lead half-way through the first quarter.

Even though the offense could not score any points on their next four possessions, the defense scored two by forcing the Cougars punter to concede a safety. They also kept the St-Leonard offense completely in check by forcing two more turnovers. The first one when Jesse Fournier blocked a punt and #56 recovered the ball and the second one when Alexandre Nomand intercepted a pass. Stallions capitalized on the second one when Alex Pilon got into the end zone on a 24-yd run which gave them a 20-0 half-time lead.

Stallions increased their lead right at the start of the third quarter thanks to a TD by Serge Pilon on 80-yd kickoff return and a 2-point convert catch by his brother Alex.

All of the remaining scoring was done by the Stallions defensive unit. First, Glen Belvedere scored a TD after intercepting a pass and returning it 40 yards into the end zone and that was followed by Alex Pilon's third TD of the game on a 30-yd punt return.

Other defensive players who stood out were Marc-Antoine Poirier and Cameron Miller who had one interception each and #32 and Kevin Cronn with one sack each while Justin Senior had two. Jesse Fournier, #96 and Nicholas Gagnon-Parsons led the team with the most tackles.

On offense, Alex Pilon gained 97 yards (2 runs for 35 yards and 2 catches for 62 yards) while QB Quaid Johnson gained 105 passing yards on 7 completions out of 18 attempts and no interceptions.


Victoriaville 14 vs Midget 13

Midget team game stats

If the same Stallions midget team that played so well against Chateaguay in the second half of last week's game played against Victoriaville this week they would have easily won the game. However, it was the team that played the first half of the Chateauguay game that took to the field on Saturday and they lost 14-13, the difference being a missed convert.

While Stallions punted on their first two possessions, the Vicas scored quickly the first time they got the ball with less than four minutes gone in the game for a 7-0 lead. They looked poised to increased the lead on their next possession when they kept the ball for more than half of the first quarter and got a first down at the Stallions 2-yd line after a 13-play, 88-yd drive but their four attempts to get into the end zone were foiled by great defensive plays of the two Ryans: Petrie and Cooke.

However, Stallions could not take advantage of the momentum shift and the offense came up empty on their next three possessions. They finally got on the board with just 18 seconds left to play in the first half after getting the ball deep in Victoriaville territory thanks to more great defensive work, this time a key play by William Paquin who broke up a third down pass that would have given the Vicas a first down and forced them to punt instead. From 12 yards out, Maxime Trudeau connected with Nicholas Mann on a catch-and-run play to make it 7-6. It would have been all tied up at 7 were it not for the convert kick being blocked. However, just like in the Chateaugay game, everybody breathed a big sigh of relief.

At the start of the 3-rd quarter, after punting on their initial possession, it looked like the Stallions offense was finally getting in gear when they went ahead 13-7 after a 75-yd scoring drive that saw Trudeau and Mann hook up again, this time on a 63-yd passing play.

However, after that neither the Vicas nor the Stallions could mount any sustained attack as they traded punts and turnovers. At the start of the 4-th quarter Stallions defense appeared to have prevented the Vicas from converting on a 3-rd down and 12 yards to go situation near the Vicas red zone but they were called for a major penalty that gave Victoriaville a 1-st down near mid-field. The visitors did not waste this opportunity and four plays later they were in the end zone. After a successful convert they had a 14-13 lead.

Stallions offense then had several great chances to score some points but they turned the ball over on three of the next four possessions. They finally got one last opportunity with 1:38 left to play when they got the ball at their own 42-yd line thanks to a fumble recovery by Brandon Malone. Seven plays later they had a 1-st down at the Vicas 29-yd line with about 30 seconds left to play. On the first down play they tried to go for the end zone but the pass sailed over Nicholas Mann's head. The game clock was stopped at 0:18 due to the incompletion and everyone in the stands thought that they would try to run one more play to get closer and then either attempt a field goal for a win or a punt for a rouge. Instead, the team seemed a little bit disorganized as they rushed to set up a field goal try right away. The hurried attempt was low and short and the last hope for a comeback was extinguished. It was a shame because a great defensive effort was wasted.

Ryan Petrie, Ryan Cooke, Jesse Walsh and Alexandre Chevrier led the defensive unit with the most tackles. Bryce Vieira and Francis Desjardins contributed with one interception each. Walsh, Malone and Dorian Amaury each had a fumble recovery.
On offense, Nicholas Mann led the receivers with 112 yards on 5 catches while Jonathan Bondy led the running backs with 54 yards on 14 carries.


Dimanche/Sunday, Aug. 30, 2009

Pee-wee AAA 34 @ Alexander Park 14

The following report appeared in the Hudson Gazette:

The Peewee AAA Stallions defence looked pretty scary to their opponents as St. Lazare won its third game in a row while improving to 3-1 and dropping Alexander Park to 2-2 on the season.

No less than 7 turnovers were created by the defence, whose relentless pursuit of opposing ball carriers also resulted in a dozen plays for losses. Discipline was the word of the day as the defence made very few mistakes and stayed within the coaches game plan.

The 'Pain Train' was led by Henry Skerett and Ross Giakoudous, who made several key tackles while Marco Cloutier and Matty Vickers-Lavoie gave out hits to make their opponents' families cringe. Loic Quenneville registered 2 QB sacks while Kelsey Fender helped out on 2 other QB s sacks.

Offensively, Vickers-Lavoie pounded the ball into the end zone twice as did Max Emond and Greg Derfel added another major. Remi Langford converted 2 TDs and looked terrific in his first start of the season. Alexandre Lamarche and Max Fortin made also some key blocks while the offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage for most of the game.

The Stallions left some points on the field as Alexander's defence fought hard and resisted the St. Lazare offence as much as they could before giving way to a more talented team.


Mosquito AAA 28 @ Alexander Park 26

The following report appeared in the Hudson Gazette:

St Lazare's AAA Mosquito Stallions overcame an early 14-point deficit to earn their first win of the season, beating Alexander Park 28-26. Kelley Brossard scored two of the Stallions' majors, with Tanner Eaves and Liam Fahey accounting for the team's other two touchdowns. Eaves also contributed four points on converts, with one successful point-after kick and a pair of catches off the arm of QB Brossard.

After opening the season with a pair of losses, the Stallions were eager to turn things around this Sunday. Things weren't looking too good, as Alexander Park scored on their first two possessions, but gritty play by the Stallions' defence, led by Laurent Messier, and a heavy ground assault executed by Liam "The Dumptruck" Fahey and Michael Lapierre, managed to close the gap and keep the team in the game. The Stallions were able to get out of the first half down 20-13.

The teams traded third quarter touchdowns.
The St Lazare squad went to work in the final quarter. The defence's relentless pressure shut down Alexander Park's offence, limiting them to a pair of first downs and highlighted by the Stallions only sack of the day by Vincent Comeau. Supported by a resilient o-line, the offense managed to put together a long, clock-eating drive, all the way to the home team's one yard line. On their third attempt, Kelley Brossard broke into the end zone with the game winning touchdown.


Atom Bourgogne 6 @ Alexander Park 30


2009 Aug. 21-23: Pointage des joutes / Game results

Pendant la troisième semaine de la saison de football 2009 neuf équipes des Stallions étaient en action. Les voici les résultats des parties:  During the third week of play in the 2009 football season, nine Stallions teams were in action. Here are the game results:


Vendredi/Friday, Aug. 21, 2009

Bantam 26 @ Lasalle 7

Bantam team game stats

Midget 42 @ Chateauguay 22

Midget team game stats
Stats for game vs Chateaguay

Deux équipes différentes des Stallions midget ont joué contre les Raiders de Chateauguay et elles se sont reunies pour gagner le match 42-22.

L'équipe midget qui avait joué au cours de la première démi avait commit trois révirements et elle manquait de cohésion en attaque. Au moins l'unité defensive jouait assait bien pour être dans le match et limiter les Raiders à  un seul touché offensif.

Par contre, pendant la deuxième démi, une équipe différente avait embarqué sur le terrain, une équipe qui dominait son adversaire et qui était presque parfaite.

Dés le botté d'envoi l'action sur le terrain avait de l'aire prometteur. Les Stallions étaient les premiers en attaque et ils se sont rendu au centre grâce à  une passe de 18 verges captée par Maxime Gauthier. Mais, deux jeux plus tard, les Raiders avaient intercepté une autre passe pour ainsi mettre fin à  la ménace. Cependant, la défense des Stallions avait rapidement rendu le ballon à  l'offense aprés avoir obligé Chateauguay à  faire un botté de dégagement mais une autre attaque prometteuse s'est terminée prés de la zone rouge quand on avait echué de convertir le 3-ième essai et 5 verges à  faire. Le botté de placement avait ratté la cible et ils avaient marqué aucun point.

Finallement, lors de leur troisième possession, ils avaient marqué des points quand ils avaient profité d'une excellente position sur le terrain suite à  des efforts rémarquables du défensif. Trois jeux leur suffisaient pour se rendre dans la zone des buts dont le dernier était une course d'une verge de Jonathan Bondy pour marquer un touché. Maxime Trudeau avait reussi le botté de converti et tous les partisans des Stallions qui assistaient au match avait poussé un grand soupir collectif de soulagement.

Mais, ça n'avait pas duré longtemps parce que les Raiders avaient répondu tout de suite et ils avait marqué un touché avec une série de 14 jeux pour 76 verges qui avait fait écouler presque huit minutes du temps de jeu. Le momentum avait encore changé davantage vers les Raiders sur la possession suivante des Stallions quand leur unité defensive avait reussi un sac du quart arrière lazarois sur leur ligne de 40 verges lui faisant échaper le ballon, qui a été en suite recouvré par le #56 de Chateauguay. Le gros joueur de la ligne défensive l'avait alors porté jusqu'à  la zone des buts des Stallions pour mettre son équipe en avant 12-7 avec seulement 1:13 à  jouer dans la première démi.

Avec si peu de temps à  écouler il semblait que ce pointage ne changerait pas mais les Raiders avaient pris la possession du ballon avec 0:47 à  faire et ils l'avaient avancé jusqu'à  la ligne de 12 verges des Stallions avec trois jeux rapides. Ils avaient en suite reussi un botté de placement de 20 verges pour se mettre en avance 15-7 à  la pause de mi-temps.

Au debut de la deuxième démi du match un équipe différente des Stallions s'est présentée sur le terrain. Lorsque l'unité défensive obligeait leur adversaires à  dégager le ballon à  la fin de chaqune de leur trois premières possessions, l'unité offensive avait marqué des points à  chaque reprise. D'abord, une attaque de 9 jeux et 67 verges achévée par une course de touché de 7 verges de Maxime Trudeau. En suite, une série de 50 verges qui s'est terminée avec une course de trois verges jusqu'à  la zone des buts de J.-F. Lacroix. La série suivante s'est aboutie aprés 81 verges et 7 jeux par une course de touché de 5 verges de Bryce Vieira.

Au milieu du quatrième quart les Raiders avaient reussi un touché eux aussi mais les Stallions ne trenaient pas et ils avaient marqué un autre touché immediatement sur une passe de 40 verges de Trudeau à  Nick Mann.

L'unité défensive des Stallions avaient achévé le pointage quand le ballon s'est échappé au botteur de Chateauguay dans la zone des buts et Ryan Cooke l'avait recouvré pour ainsi marquer un touché.

Sur l'offfensif, Maxime Trudeau s'est distingué avec 17 passes complétées sur 30 tentatives, 240 verges et une interception. Il avait aussi cumulé 68 verges sur 8 courses. Ses deux receveurs préférés étaient Nick Mann avec 3 passes captées pour 90 verges et Bryce Vieira avec 2 passes captées pour 60 verges. Vieira avait aussi fait 9 course pour 73 verges.
En défensif, on avait déjà  mentionné Ryan Cooke pour son touché et pour un échappé récouvré. Samuel Kingsbury avait aidé aux Stallions avec un sac. Les joueurs qui avaient compté les plus grands nombres des plaqués étaient Jesse Walsh, Alexandre Chevrier, Francis Desjardins, Cory Gouthro et Alexandre Cloutier.

Samedi/Saturday, Aug 22, 2009

Île-Perrot Patriotes 24 vs Pee-wee AAA 40

The following game report appeared in the Hudson Gazette:

The Stallions (2-1) were coming off a big victory the previous week while the Patriots were still looking for their first win of the season. The game had the makings of a lopsided victory but one must remember the game is played on the field. The Burgundys ended up on top, winning 40-24, but it wasn't easy.
During the opening drive, the Patriots marched down the field at will, resulting in a touchdown. This drive set the tone for the Pats, who played quite well despite losing their first two games of the year. However, it was the Stallions attack that propelled the team to victory on this day.
Max Emond scored 3 TDs and ran all over the field while Matt Vickers Lavoie carried 4 Patriot defenders into the end zone for his major in the 4th quarter. Rookies Jacob Liutkus and Greg Durfel each scored TDs, with Liutkus showing big bursts of speed for 100+ yards on the day. QB Troy Rothdram had 3 TD passes and converted 2 of 6 extra points while Felix Sabourin caught a few passes for key first downs.
With the score 12-8 at the half, the coaches made a few defensive adjustments to contain a surprising Pats offence. The Stallions "Pain Train" showed its true colors creating 6 turnovers in the second half. Matt Brochu and Alexandre Monahan pressured the Pats QB all afternoon. Big hits by Ross Giakoudis, Henry Skerrett contained the Patriotes while Zachary Mann batted down several passes and nearly had a interception.
The team continues to work hard and improve; the coaching staff is very encouraged by the progression of its young players and is confident they will challenge for the conference crown. The Stallions hit the road next week against a very tough Alexander Park team.

L-L Panthères 31 vs Moustique AA  0

L-L Panthères 19 vs  Atôme Argent 12

This report appeared in the Hudson Gazette:

Saturday, the Atom AAA Silver went down to the Laurentian Panthers 19-12 despite a hard-fought game. The contest started late because of a referee problem, but turned into a good show for the many parents and friends who were there. The Stallions defense played well and gave the opportunity to the offense to score. Unfortunately, too many penalties and mistakes made them lose good chances. Quarterback Guillaume Chartrand, made two touchdowns after amazing races. On defense, Jacob Kitts and Enrique Decoste played well, especially Decoste who made an interception.

L-L Panthères 12 vs  Pee-wee AA 12

The following game report appeared in the Hudson Gazette:

After one week of hard practice the Stallions hosted the Terrebonne Panthers on Saturday. One week after losing by two points due to conversion mishaps, the Stallions took force with stellar offense ­ featured by spectacular blocking and a determined running game. Stallions took the lead twice to see it taken away from the Panthers by a second quarter turnover and a solid third quarter drive. The Stallions defense was once again stellar by providing great pass defense and hard nose tackling.

Laval Devils 41 vs Junior 16

Junior team game stats
Stats for game vs Laval Devils

Si l'équipe junior pourait jouer pendant un match entier comme ils avaient joué au cours du deuxième quart samedi dernier ils pouraient battre les équipes comme les Devils de Laval, auxquels ils se sont inclinés 41-16.

Au debut du match il semblait que les lavalois auraient complétement dominé la rencontre. Ils avaient marqué des touchés à  la fin de trois de leur six premières possessions pour aller en avant 20-0 lorsque les Stallions, quant à  eux, avaient reussi seulement deux premières essais et ils avaient cumulé que deux verges en attaque au cours de leur cinq premières possessions.

À la fin du première quart Jordan Jasiukajc avait créé un petit lueur d'éspoir quand il avait recouvré un  ballon qui s'est échappé au quart-arrière des Devils mais ses co-équippiers de l'offensif devaient dégager le ballon aprés deux essais.


Le sort des Stallions s'est amelioré au debut du deuxième quart grâce à  Chris McCarthy qui s'est imposé dans la zone des buts des adversaires avec  trois courses consecutives pour 61 verges en total.


L'unité offensive n'avait pas beaucoup de temps pour se réposer parce qu'ils devait embarquer sur le terrain aprés une interception de Tyler Valdez qui leur avait donné le ballon sur la ligne de 51 verges des Devils. Quand ils se sont rendus à  23 verges de la zone des buts la série offensive s'est callée et Alex Lewis avait tenté un botté de placement mais il avait raté la cible et un joueur des Devils avait attrappé le ballon. Il l'avait porté hors de la zone des buts mais les  Stallions lui avait forcé de reculer et de concéder une touche de sureté de même que la possession du ballon.


Les Stallions n'avaient pas fait payé aux Devils pour cette erreur tout de suite mais sur la série offensive suivante le quart-arrière Nathan Desnoyers avait rejoint Cédric Saint-Onge dans la zone payante avec une passe de 11 verges pour reduire l'écart à  20-16 à  la fin de la première démi du match.


Il semblait comme si les Stallions avaient arraché le momentum aux Devils. Au debut de la deuxième démi de la partie c'était eux qui étaient les premiers de se mettre en attaque. Ils avaient reussi de gagner trois premiers essais et d'avancer le ballon 32 verges immediatement mais des pénalités et des passes non captées leur avaient obligé de dégager le ballon.


La prochaine fois qu'ils avaient le ballon ils avaient avancé rapidement dés le départ - 37 verges sur deux jeux - mais ils avaient perdu le ballon suite à  un échappé. Ce révirement semblait d'avoir donné de l'énergie aux Devils qui avaient marqué trois touchés au cours de leur quatre possessions suivantes.


Laurent Dubreuil avait limité les dégâts quand il avait recouvré le ballon qui s'est échappé au porteur des Devils dans la zone des buts des Stallions mais le sort du match n'était plus en question. Pendant la deuxième démi de la partie l'unité offensive avait alloué 4 sacs de son quart-arrière et elle avait subi trois révirements.


Au cours du match, Nathan Desnoyers avait cumulé 73 verges sur 9 passes complétées sur 24 tentatives et aucune interception. Chris McCarthy avait porté le ballon 15 fois pour 105 verges.

En défensive, au délà  des échappés recouvrés par Jasiukajc et Dubreuil et de l'nterception de Valdez, Charles-Olivier Conway s'est distngué avec un sac du quart-arrière lorsque Sam Hansen et Andrew Palmer menaient l'équipe avec le plus grande nombre des plaquées.

(Mis-à -jour: veuillez noter qu'à  cause d'un erreur d'éntrée des données les chiffres des statistiques que j'avait affiché plus tôt n'étaient pas correctes. Les stats sont correctes maintenant. Désolé.)


On peut voir les photos prises par Shane Kelley au cours du match ici


Dimanche/Sunday, Aug 23, 2009

Moustique AAA 6 @ Île-Perrot Patriotes  28

Atôme Bourgogne 14 @ Île-Perrot Patriotes  24

Selon toutes les indications, cet événement de levée de fonds fut un franc succés qui a déjà  porté fruit.


Si on considére qu'il avait lieu moins de 24 heures avant le premier match de la saison à  Joliette, quelques personnes avaient des doutes s'il ne pouvait que faire géner à  la performance de l'équipe mais c'est le contraire qui s'est passé. En fait, cet effort commun des joueurs, des entraîneurs et du gérant de l'équipe Chris Romer, qui avait donné à  peu prés une centaine d'heures de son temps pour assurer le succés, avait fort motivé les joueurs. De quelle autre façon peut-on interpreter le beau geste des joueurs qui avaient reçu des pourboires au cours de la soirée, 120 $ et total,  de les offrir à  l'équipe ?


Le jour du match, ayant embarqué un car climatisé et comfortable de Coach Canada, ils étaient arrivés au Stade Municipale de Joliette réposés et plein d'energie. Grâce au systeme video installé à  l'interieur ils pouvaient même régarder et analyser quelques vidéos des matchs de la saison précédante.


La soirée de Casino s'est déroulée au Centre Communautaire de St-Lazare.  Il y avait quatre tables de jeu: une pour du poker style Texas hold'em, une autre pour roulette et deux pour Black Jack.


L'entraîneur chef Allan Williams s'occupait de la musique, Sylvie Laberge contrôlait les billets, coach Rick Chabot avec un group des joueurs preparait la nouriture et les boissons et ils les offraient à  tout le monde dans la salle. Finallement, coach Allan Ramsay et trois joueurs travaillaient comme des croupiers aux quatre tables de jeu sous la supervision de deux vrais croupier du Casino de Montréal qui l'ont fait pour aider à  l'équipe junior.


On avait vendu 95 billets et il samblait que tous les acheteurs y assistaient parce qu'il fallait attendre une place aux tables.


Les personnes qui avaient cumulé la plus grande quantité de jetons avaient un choix de trois prix principaux: un i-pod nano de 8 gig, un appareil GPS Tom-tom ou un combinaison des Stallions. En plus, il y avait une dixaine de prix de présence. La bourse du moitié-moitié était 128 $ (256 $ en total).


En total, l'équipe junior avait ramassé environ 1600 $. Combiné avec les 500 $ offert par la societé Philips Canada et le fait que 50 joueurs sont inscrits, le budget de l'équipe junior pour la saison 2009 leur permettra à  être aussi bien préparés pour toutes les autres parties que pour la première.

2009 Aug. 15-16: Pointage des joutes / Game results

Pendant la deuxième semaine de la saison de football 2009 sept équipes des Stallions étaient en action. Les voici résultats des parties qu'elles avaient joué:  During the second week of play in the 2009 football season, seven Stallions teams were in action. Here are the game results:


Aug. 16, 2009

Pee-wee AAA 45 @ Sunnybrooke 22

Pee-wee AA 12 @ L-L Panthères 14

Moustique AA 6 @ L-L Tigres 12

Atôme Argent 6 @ L-L Tigres 22


Aug. 15, 2009

Junior 54 @ Joliette 7

Game stats - Stallions junior team
Stallions junior vs Joliette game stats


The junior team's first game of the 2009 season was a dominating 54-7 win over the Joliette Pirates at the Stade Municipale but judging by the action in the first half you could not help sensing a bit of déjà  vu. Last year, in the season opener against the same team, Stallions jumped out to a quick 31-13 half time lead but just managed to hang on to a tight 31-27 victory as the Pirates staged an impressive comeback in the second half.


This time, however, history was not going to repeat itself. Stallions built up a 28-7 half-time lead and the offense just kept on scoring in the second half while the defense kept their opponents off the scoreboard.


After punting on their first possession, Stallions scored on four of the next six.

Chris McCarthy set up the first one by carrying the ball 51 yards on two carries to give the Stallions a 1-st down at the Joliette 1-yd line. Luca Urbani then finished the drive with a 1-yd TD run. On the next drive, Urbani scored his second TD, this time on a 28-yd run.

McCarthy scored the next two majors on five and 12-yd runs.

Joliette's only response was a scoring drive mid way through the second quarter when they capitalized on two major penalties committed by the Stallions defense to keep their drive alive.


In the second half, Stallions once again punted on their first possession but then scored majors four times out of the next five. It is usually regarded as a sign of a good team when they can score points after forcing a turnover and the junior Stallions certainly lived up to that standard because three of the four TDs came right after a Joliette turnover.

Patrick Zakher scored one of the TDs on a 3-yd run and Chris McCarthy scored the last three on runs of 15, 10 and 13 yards.


McCarthy finished the game with over 170 rushing yards on 10 carries. He and Laurent Dubreuil also helped  the offense get good field position with great punt returns. Nathan Desnoyers at QB completed 5 of 15 passes and had one interception.


On defense, Benoît Chabot-Duchesne contributed with an interception, Andrew Palmer had a fumble recovery while Danny Allaire and Nick Lux each had a sack.


The only area where Stallions will need to improve for the next game are defensive penalties on for which they were called 10 times giving up over 110 yards.

Photos taken by Shane Kelley during the game can be seen here


St-Bruno 38 vs Midget 7 

Game stats - Stallions midget team
Stallions midget vs St-Bruno game stats

The midget team opened the 2009 season with a 38-7 loss to the visiting St-Bruno Barons.
They kept pace with their opponents in the first half but in the second half the Barons took advantage of Stallions turnovers and put the game out of reach thanks to a very strong running game.

After going in front 1-0 thanks to a missed field goal, Barons scored the first major of the game at the end of the 1-st quarter when they took advantage of some Stallions penalties and some lucky bounces on a fumble to score on a 12-yd run and take a 8-0 lead. The teams then traded possessions but Stallions had a golden opportunity to equalize when Bryce Vieira's 11-yd run got them a 1-st down at the Barons 1-yd line but they could not capitalize and they turned the ball over on downs at the 14-yd line after a bad snap on the 2-nd down and a sack on the 4-th down play.

The momentum shifted to the visiting team at the start of the 3-rd quarter when they intercepted a  pass and scored a TD right after on a 29-yd catch-and-run play.
Stallions punted on the following possession and when the Barons got the ball they increased their lead to 22-0 with a quick 2-play, 79-yd scoring drive.

Stallions responded right back, however, and put together an 8-play, 70-yd drive of their own that finished with a TD on a 5-yd run by Jonathan Bondy to make it 22-7 with 3:08 left in the 3-rd quarter.
However, Barons scored again right away with a quick 5-play, 70-yd drive to make it 28-7 (convert kick was blocked by Ryan Petrie). Francis Desjardins then gave the team a chance to narrow the gap when he intercepted a St-Bruno pass at the Stallions 5-yd line but the offense was not able to take advantage of that opportunity.

On the next two possessions by each team Barons increased their lead to 38-7 with a 31-yd field goal on one of them and a TD on another while Stallions offense turned the ball over on downs both times as the game was ending.

Maxime Trudeau threw 38 passes for 150 yards with 13 completions and 1 interception. Julian Mangan and Nick Mann were the leading receivers with 3 catches each and 53 and 52 receiving yards respectively. Bryce Vieira and Jonathan Bondy  were the leading rushers with 9 carries each for 36 and 39 yards respectively.

On defense, Ryan Petrie led with the most tackles in addition to his interception and a blocked kick while Mike Chevrier had a QB sack. Others who stood out were Jesse Walsh, Alexandre Cloutier, Sebastien Blair, Alexandre Chevrier and Dan White.

St-Laurent 50 vs Bantam 34

Game stats - Stallions bantam team
Stallions bantam vs St-Laurent game stats

Stallions bantam team opened the 2009 season with a 50-34 loss to the visiting St-Laurent Spartans. Just as in the case of the midget team a year earlier, this was the first time in the history of competition between these two teams that St-Laurent had beaten St-Lazare at this level.

Whether because of the stifling heat or simply because of first game jitters both teams had trouble moving the ball in the first half and no one would have imagined that the game would have turned into a wild shoutout that it ended up being.

Spartans took a 6-0 lead on their opening drive after they managed to convert a 4-th down and 6 yards to go at the Stallions 21-yd line. They looked poised to increase their lead near the end of the 1-st quarter when they had a 1-st down at the Stallions 6-yd line but the defense held the Spartans on the first three tries and they caused a turnover when Jesse Fournier stopped the opposing RB at the 3-yd line on the 4-th down play.

Even though they conceded a safety and 2 points on their possession the momentum shifted to the Stallions when Ashton Ewers intercepted a Spartans pass and Quaid Johnson then connected with Alex Pilon on a 43-yd catch-and-run play to make it 8-6 and 8-7 after Parker O'Shea kicked the convert.

Spartans answered with a TD on their next possession to make it 15-7 at half time.
The tone of the game changed completely in the second half when St-Laurent took advantage of three Stallions turnovers and scored on four of their first five possessions to take a 43-8 lead at the start of the 4-th quarter.

Stallions got a touchdown back when Quaid Johnson and Alex Pilon combined again on a 27-yd catch-and-run play to make it 43-14 but St-Laurent responded right back and increased their lead to 50-14. During their scoring drive, however, play had to stopped for over 30 minutes to allow an ambulance to take away an injured Spartans player but the stoppage seemed to have re-energized the St-Lazare bantams because Quaid Johnson and Alex Pilon hooked up one more time, this time on a 21-yd catch-and-run scoring play to make it 50-21 as soon as they got the ball back.

Alex Pilon then gave the ball right back to the Stallions offense when he recovered an on-side kick and on the next play Quaid Johnson threw a short pass to Charles-Alexandre Hébert at the Spartans 32-yd line and Hébert then ran down the sidelines to score a major and make the score 50-27.

Stallions defense then took the ball away from their opponents agains thanks to Glen Belvedere who sacked the QB and caused a fumble that was recovered by Parker O'Oshea at the Spartans 42-yd line. Nine plays later Serge Pilon took a handoff from Johnson and pushed his way into the end zone from two yards out.
Stallions were back within two TDs but they only got the ball back near mid field with 34 seconds left to play in the game and they tried to score some more points but they ran out of time.

Quaid Johnson finished the game with 176 yards on 24 passes, 10 completions and three interceptions. Alex Pilon gained 113 receiving yards with five catches while Charles-Alexandre Hébert had 73 yards and four catches.
On defense, in addition to Pilon's fumble recovery and Belvedere's sack, Ashton Ewers and Alexandre Normand each had an interception, Codey Daley and Justin Senior led with the most tackles while Jesse Fournier had two QB sacks.


Stallions elite teams ready for start of 2009 season

The three elite level teams from the St-Lazare Stallions stable held their last practice before the start of the 2009 season. They all benefited from good attendance as more than 40 players were practicing on the bantam and midget teams while the junior team saw nearly 35 players come to the final practice.

All three teams followed a similar routine to have all their t's crossed and their i's dotted - they handed out the game uniforms and named the team captains.

On the junior team, the following players were selected by the coaches to be captains:

  • Chase Vieira
  • Jordan Jasiukajc
  • Nick Lux
  • Sam Hansen
  • Nathan Desnoyers
  • Chris McCarthy

 (update Aug. 18: during the practice, coach Allan Williams announced that Laurent Dubreuil was added to the list of team captains)


Junior team players at the CCES course
Junior team players taking the CCES course


The one significant difference for the junior team was that all the players had to complete a Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport training session to educate themselves about the rules regarding the use of prohibited substances such as steroids as well as drugs like marijuana and cocaine. The team held a group training session at the St-Lazare Community Center on Friday, August 23 and more than 30 players took part. Those who could not attend the group training have to pass the course individually through an on-line session in order to be able to take part in games.

2009 Aug. 8-9: Pointage des joutes / Game results

Pendant la prémière semaine de la saison de football 2009 six équipes des Stallions étaient en action. Elles avaient reussi 2 victoires, 2 defaites et 2 matchs nul. During the first week of play in the 2009 football season, six Stallions teams were in action. They came away with 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties.


Aug. 9, 2009

Lakeshore Cougars 64 vs Pee-wee AAA 30


Aug. 8, 2009

Moustique AAA 0 @ Westpark 31

Atôme Bourgogne 6 @ Westpark 6

Pee-wee AA 6 @ Lakeshore Panthers 6

Moustique AA 37 @ L-L Guépards 6

Atôme Argent 6 @ Lakeshore Panthers 1


Senior refs hold rules seminar

On Friday, July 31, John Parker and Ron Romanato, two veteran referees from the Lac St-Louis North Referees Association, held a seminar at the St-Lazare Community Center to inform Stallions coaches about changes to certain game rules that were recently modified and to remind them about the subtleties of other rules which were not changed but which are often misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The subjects that they covered included:

  • changes to the application of UR and Rough Play penalties
    - 15-yd penalty is fully enforced even when the ball is spotted less than 30 yards from the end zone (instead of half the distance)
    - in case of multiple penalties on the same play, minor penalties are applied first, then the major penalties
  • new rule against the 'snap down' tactic used by some offenses to draw the defense off-side. Teams will be assessed a penalty for illegal procedure (5 yards)
  • the horse collar rule which is applied differently than at the professional levels
    - defined as grabbing the inside, back or side of the shoulder pads and the player must be tackled for the penalty to be called.
  • timing rules during the last 3 minutes of play in each half
    - if a penalty is called and it is accepted then the clock starts running only on the snap of the ball. But, if the penalty is declined, then the clock starts running as soon as the ball is spotted by the referee
  • explanation of the 'crack back' block and when it is and when it is not a penalty
    - four conditions must be satisfied for a 'crack back' block penalty to be called:
    1. position of the opposing players with respect to each other
    2. motion of the player making the block
    3. zone on the field where the block occurs, ie.: it must be affecting the play
    4. contact
    If any one of these conditions is not met then the penalty will not be called
  • at levels when a pass is required within the first three downs, keeping track of passes when a penalty occurs and when a team is in the red zone
    - if an offensive penalty occurs when the pass is made then the pass does not count
  • what is and what does not constitute a holding penalty
    - holding an opponents shoulder pads within the limits of his shoulders is not considered an infraction
  • explanation about what constitute a blocked punt
    - if a ball is touched by the defending team but it still crosses the line of scrimmage then it is not considered a blocked punt and the punting team must still provide the returner with the 5-yard of clearance to field the ball
  • what is considered a forward pass
    - the ball must be thrown over the shoulder and 'shovel' passes will not be considered as a forward pass
  • use of headsets
    - allowed for offenses only when the players are in the huddle
    - use not allowed during 'hurry-up' offense plays
    - not allowed for defense or special teams at the atom, mosquito and pee-wee levels
  • decorum on the field
    - coaches were reminded that most of the times referees have the best view of the play and that loud and abusive reactions to play calls is not only counterproductive but is a bad example to the players
  • 1 yard separation between the offensive and defensive lines only required at the atom level



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