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The St-Lazare Football News is on the stands!

On June 8, 2009 a new source of information, commentary and opinions about the St-Lazare Stallions football teams became a reality.

The aim of this journal is to provide the players, their parents, coaches and fans with a place where they can discuss their games, their practices and any other subjects that affect their teams.

This will also be a place where everyone can discuss many important subjects that have to do with the association itself, the leagues in which the teams play, the facilities etc.

The first article that is planned will deal with the most important issue facing the association right now, which is its own governance. Please come back soon and read the article that we are preparing. In the meantime, if you have any initial comments, suggestions or feedback then please do not hesitate to post them in the comments. They will be greatly appreciated.

Zbig Jasiukajc

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